How can you tone the hamstring muscles?

How can you tone the hamstring muscles?

Very often the back of the thighs are often overlooked when training, even athletes.
If you warm up and stretch you will avoid pain and have a good time
It is dangerous to carry out very ambitious training programs to achieve a V-back if you have fragile and unstable legs like jelly …
Bodybuilding is counterproductive if you can’t even squat down to pick up an object from the floor.
This is the goal of toning the hamstrings : by stretching the hamstrings (the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus) you will allow for hip extension and knee flexion.
You will gain in motor skills and flexibility!
To know how to tone your hamstrings , you will have to warm up and stretch using almost the same exercises as for toning your quadriceps.
This implies that you will have to have a good technique to avoid that the body compensates for stiff hamstrings with the back, because you will hurt yourself.

Here are two exercises you can do to stretch your inner thighs: How can you tone the hamstring muscles?

Exercise n ° 1:
It begins by supporting one leg on a chair,
Lean your torso forward,
From time to time bend your leg towards the ground,
The other leg has to be straight and straight.
Exercise n ° 2:
Sit on the floor
Stretch one leg and bend the other
Grab the balls of your feet or ankles with your hands.
The hamstring exercises may at first seem like torture sessions.
But, not at all! Little by little you will get more physical and mental shape.
We have chosen 10 exercises for you to work out both at home and in the gym:
Exercises on a chair,
Lunges when walking,
Pelvis elevation,
Thigh press,
Dead weight
The leg curl
Straight leg lifts,
Barbell squats and weights,
The good morning
The  Glute Ham Raise.
There is no reason to wonder how you can sculpt your body! Follow our advice …

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