How to tone your thigh muscles?

How to tone your thigh muscles?

We have already seen how we can train the back and abs, now let’s go down and see how we can work the thighs .
To firm the thighs and fight cellulite we don’t have to have a great bodybuilding material.
Sometimes an elliptical bike is enough for us …
The bicycle is a very good way to reduce the legs and tone them
We can perfectly strengthen the muscles of the thighs doing sports both at home and impregnated with waves of estrogen and testosterone in a gym.

But remember: you always have to warm up !: How to tone your thigh muscles?

The muscles of the thighs require a prior warm-up to avoid any type of muscle tear or tension.
Muscle accidents usually occur due to the difference in temperature between the hamstrings and the quadriceps.
By working these muscles in the warm-up, you can then perform the exercises you need to gain volume and tone your buttocks.
As we have already seen, this favors muscle toning in the lower limbs.
Let’s look at an example of an effective warm-up:
Start running with small strides,
Then do series of heels-glutes during jogging,
Alternate with the leg curl exercise.
During the effort, pay attention to always keeping your back straight and with your eyes on the horizon, to keep your elbow in line with your spine, and with your lower back well contracted.
And although this seems obvious, there are many athletes who forget; It is very important to stretch after training to avoid injury and also to be able to stretch the quadriceps and tone the legs more effectively.

This is a not very exhaustive list of exercises you can do to have toned thighs:

Lunges when walking,
Foot race,
Chair exercise,
Dead weight,
Leg extensions (on machines),
Push-ups in a dam,
Exercises with elastic band.
These are some of the exercises you can do, but there are many more …

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