How do you learn Latin in high school?

How do you learn Latin in high school?

If you normally have to have a lot of will and disposition to learn languages ​​currently used, to master the idioms of vulgar Latin, used in the past in Latium, you have to make a little more effort.

And why choose Latin as an elective in high school? Why choose the baccalaureate of humanities?

Do not hesitate to raise your hand to ask your teacher questions.  He sure knows how to answer you.
To stand out as a Latin teacher, you have to know pedagogy, have a good methodology and make the class fun and interesting.

Latin is often discredited, disparaging it as a “dead language” and emphasizing its low value in today’s job market.

However, this subject is offered in ESO and Baccalaureate for many more reasons, among others, the help that its learning provides to better understand our own language, either at a syntactic or lexical level.

In addition, according to the offer of the center where it is studied, the Latin core in 4th year of ESO has the advantage of being able to be accompanied by the Classical Culture subject. That would be a very complete formation!

Even so, the notorious reputation of the effectiveness of learning Latin makes many experts and teachers tremble. There are fewer and fewer students choosing classical languages ​​and, in many centers, it is not possible to take groups of these subjects.

Latin has many advantages and we hope that its teaching continues to have the importance it deserves.

You can learn Latin in high school from the fourth year of ESO and keep it until selectivity. It will help you to have a complete training when starting university.

If you want to take Latin classes , do not hesitate to register on our platform. How do you learn Latin in high school?

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