Can you learn Latin in a playful way?

Can you learn Latin in a playful way?

Do you think it is possible to learn Latin, including the verbs and texts of Cicero, Plautus, Seneca or Pliny the Younger, while having fun? Can Latin be like a game?

Study must be prioritized before hobbies.
Are you coming to play soccer? I can’t, I have to do a summary of the Odyssey for tomorrow …

The student will be surprised when he learns that the verb ser in Latin in the present indicative is very similar to Spanish:

  • I am: sum.
  • You are:  is.
  • He / She is: est.
  • We are: sumus.
  • You are: estis (yes, this is the least similar).
  • They are: sunt.

Now do you see the trace of Latin clearly in your mother tongue?

There are many pages on the Internet to learn Latin in a fun way . In them you can do tests and games that will provide you with a fairly good linguistic self-training … It doesn’t sound bad, right?

Here is a list of several resources to learn Latin while having fun:

  • Latine Disce : a perfect page to practice with your exercises and tests.
  • it has a large number of PDF materials to be able to practice and learn all the grammar and vocabulary.
  • In Cerebriti you can find Latin activities and games made by other users.
  • Dinolinguo offers online lessons, as well as online memory and vocabulary games.
  • Sporcle  provides you quizz to practice and learn various concepts.
  •, where you can find activities for Latin, Greek and classical culture.
  •, which is quite playful, will allow you to review vocabulary with quick and simple flashcards .
  • Gratumsutdium , although only available in French, offers many activities and games to learn Latin while having fun.

Learning the classical languages ​​has never been so enjoyable. You no longer need to buy a huge book or parrot declensions or verbs. Now you can practice and learn on the internet!

As you play, the concepts will be fixed without you noticing. You will soon discover that most Spanish words have a Latin root. Can you learn Latin in a playful way?

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