How to Check Pokes on Facebook

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How to Check Pokes on Facebook

How to Check Pokes on Facebook
How to Check Pokes on Facebook

A “poke” on the social networking web site Facebook is employed to draw in the eye of another user–there aren’t any set rules concerning however pokes may be used, however they’ll use as straightforward reminders, as friendly greetings and for several alternative functions. Facebook friends UN agency have poked you may be listed at the aspect of the News Feed once you 1st sign on, and if you would like you’ll receive email notifications of pokes similarly. you’ll favor to come, hide or ignore every poke message.

How to Check Pokes on Facebook Step 1

Visit the Facebook homepage at and enter your email address and secret within the boxes within the prime right-hand corner. Click Log in to verify your credentials and examine the News Feed.


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How to Check Pokes on Facebook Step 2

Check the column on the right-hand aspect of the screen to check an inventory of alternative users UN agency have poked you. The Pokes box seems to lower place forthcoming events, the notice additional friend’s tool and a sponsored message.

How to Check Pokes on Facebook Step 3

A confirmation window can appear–click on the Poke box to verify your action.

How to Check Pokes on Facebook Step 4

Click on a username within the Pokes box to go to the person’s profile page. The choice to poke them can seem within the prime right-hand corner, and this could be used as an alternate to the strategy within the previous step.

How to Check Pokes on Facebook Step 5

Click the tiny cross next to associate entry within the Pokes box to dismiss the notification–the poke can now not seem in your News Feed, and also the user are going to be absolve to poke you once more.

Step 6

Select the Account link within the prime right-hand corner then click Account Settings. Open up the Notifications tab and you’ll modify the approach that Facebook alerts you to new pokes–email and text updates area unit offered.

Tips & Warnings

  • Any of your confirmed Facebook friends, any friends of friends and anyone in an exceedingly shared network will poke you. An equivalent rules govern the folks you’re able to poke reciprocally.
  • Hiding a poke from read dismisses it forever. No permanent record of the pokes that you have received is unbroken by Facebook.
  • Check that the e-mail address and mobile range entered in your account settings area unit correct to make sure that poke notifications reach you.


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