How to choose your word processor

How to choose your word processor

Tips for choosing your ideal word processor
In Gossip Girl, Dan Humphrey uses a word processor to write his articles and novels … But which one?

That’s right: to write his papers or write a novel, Dan had to get hold of a word processor. But what is it exactly? According to the computer dictionary, it is “the set of computer techniques of a program that allows the introduction, correction, updating, formatting and dissemination of a text.”

These programs have  basic functionalities , such as:

  • The writing of letters, reports, documents and articles with visual design,
  • Taking notes during meetings or conferences,
  • The creation of visual presentations.

These functions are relatively basic and satisfy a few simple needs. Thus, the first step in choosing your word processor is to define your purpose and your needs.

Depending on that, you will have to  choose between  downloading a free or paid word processor  . How much does a word processor cost? Prices may vary but, for example, the Microsoft package can be purchased for 160 euros for lifetime use (but does not include updates).

However,  you must take into account your operating system , since not all versions of a word processor are compatible with all systems. For example, Mac OS has a pre-installed program, Pages , but OS X is not compatible with the old version of Word from 2009. Similarly, it is not possible to open RTF documents either.

To  choose the ideal word processor for you , you must:

  • Define your needs and the use you will make of this program: simple writing, creation of elaborate presentations;
  • Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of free and paid programs, and compare them with your needs;
  • Compare existing programs by reading customer reviews (especially if you want to make professional use of it); 
  • Download it, and you will be (almost) done. How to choose your word processor

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