The best shortcuts for word processing

The best shortcuts for word processing

The most useful keyboard shortcuts in word processing
How to save time with keyboard shortcuts? Here are our tips!

Whether on Windows or iOS, whatever the model of your computer or your word processor, they all have one thing in common: your passion for writing! Whether you use your computer for personal or professional purposes,  the word processor is crucial. In fact, a British study has shown that  74% of those who use a computer use primarily (if not only) the ‘word processing’ function .

But  typing with the computer can sometimes be cumbersome , when emails and essays accumulate, especially when you have to:

  • Highlight and shape certain parts of your text,
  • Copy and paste or duplicate content,
  • Insert a table, spreadsheet, photo or video,
  • Format the text.

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful to increase productivity. Using them can save you 5 to 15% of your time .

Some keyboard keys can be more interesting than others because they have  a magical function : they allow you to  create shortcuts.  This means that, by themselves or in combination with another key, they perform an action on the taskbar or in the task manager.

This is the case for the  following keys :

  • The Alt key,
  • The Ctrl key, which indicates the control,
  • The tab key, to change the paragraph margin,
  • The space key, to make sense of your text,
  • The Esc key, to exit a document in full screen mode,
  • The Enter key, to go to the next line.
  • For a Windows keyboard, the F keys, such as F10 (to activate the menu bar of an open window) or F5 (to refresh a page).

The best keyboard shortcuts are the most common, among which we can mention:

Ctrl + C / + V: The best shortcuts for word processing

Copy and paste a text, as long as you have selected it before. The principle:  everything you copy stays on the clipboard . By the way, if you unexpectedly close your file without pasting it will ask you if you want to keep the copied data. A trick to not lose anything!

It not only works in word processors but also in web browsers.

Ctrl + X: The best shortcuts for word processing

Same as the previous shortcut, but to cut text.

Ctrl + U: The best shortcuts for word processing

Create a new document based on the one you have open. If you are in Word, a new Word will open, and the same if you are in Excel or PowerPoint. Handy if you multitask.

Ctrl + A: The best shortcuts for word processing

To open a file from your last opened folder. It is useful if you have to examine a certain amount of documents on a daily basis.

Ctrl + G: The best shortcuts for word processing

Save a document. Do it once in a while while you write!

Ctrl + Enter

To insert a page break to finish writing or to give the text some coherence. Shortcut widely used by academics and students (especially for homework and work).

Ctrl + Z

To cancel the last action performed. It is very useful if you have made a mistake, because it takes you to where you were.

Ctrl + B

To do a search in the text. It is very useful, especially if you want to keep accounts or be inspired by other sources. A good way to save time!

Ctrl + P

To print a document from your dialog box. In two clicks, you are done!

Ctrl + E

This shortcut selects all available text. Be careful if you use it in a browser, as it will cover the entire page (and therefore also the side ads or useless comments at the bottom of the page).

And now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. 

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