How to control the kid’s daily screen time using an app

How to control the kid’s daily screen time using an app


Education has become hard while not the utilization of the web in trendy days. That’s why several folks give smartphones to their youngsters to look for troublesome queries. Since the web consists of excellent and dangerous sites, several potential threats create the youngsters vulnerable and straightforward prey to cybercriminals. People who care concerning their kid’s safety solely use screen time apps to trace the screen of the kid’s device and monitor their on-line activities. If you’re looking on net for screen time app, your search destination ends with Failsafe parental control app.

Features of Failsafe Screen-time app

  • Spying in concealing mode: – folks don’t need to reveal their spying activity and freak out their kid. That’s why they have a screen-time app which will add hidden mode. FamiSafe parental control app works in concealing or undetectable mode on the kid’s phone. Folks will check all the net activity victimization remote devices far from their kids.
  • Reliable and period info:- FamiSafe offers reliable and period information on kid’s device. We will apprehend the precise location victimization the period GPS pursuit system. During this manner, we will additionally prohibit or block the device if they’re within the habit of attending to the gambling club and creating digital payments.

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  • Monitor their online activities: By victimization the FamiSafe screen time app, we will monitor kids’ online activities. The web consists of the many ill-gotten and inappropriate sites that square measure unfit for teenagers to go to or watch. That’s why we want to dam or impose restrictions on our youngsters in order that they’re unable to look at creative activity sites or adult movies or visit sites like gambling or sports dissipated.
  • Protection against social bully: In a trendy society, young kids make friends on social media while not even knowing the person’s true identity or knowing the motive of a friendly relationship. Taking advantage of this, criminals search on the net for his or her simple prey on-line. Kids’ square measure terribly innocent by the mind, and that they attempt to convert them to affix their gang and obtain their criminal motives completed. After they deny following their directions, they begin writing filthy comments and dangerous social media words. Several youngsters suffer from depression thanks to this social bully, and that they even kill once the case isn’t beneath their management. Victimization of the FamiSafe screen time application, we will check the incoming and outgoing text messages on the child’s phone.
  • Simple to use: – This application has a wonderful computer program, creating the spying activity terribly easy. Folks will monitor and track their children’s online activities on-line from their remote devices with no difficulties.
  • Track the screen time and usage of specific apps:- Kids could use the web for varied functions. They’ll realize fascinating games and pay their valuable study time taking part in these time-killing apps. victimization the FamiSafe screen time app, we will simply keep track of usage of the apps on kids’ phones and prohibit or block the terribly long app. during this manner, we will stop the spare killing of your time in order that their study remains unaffected, and also the examination’s performance doesn’t deteriorate.
  • Block adult YouTube channels: – typically, youngsters watch adult film channels or adult YouTube channels after they square measure alone reception. This could have an effect on the scientific discipline of the kid. That’s why we want to dam or prohibit access victimization to the FamiSafe screen timer app.
  • Out there live store/Apple stores: – FamiSafe is accessible for each robot also as iPhone users. Therefore if your youngsters have a robot or iPhone, then you’ll simply transfer the FamiSafe screen time app on their phone victimization the play store or apple store, severally.

Benefits of using FamiSafe screen time app

  • Protection of children online: the web is commonly risky for teenagers, particularly once the speed of cybercrimes will increase day by day. Cybercriminals square measure searching for innocent youngsters to encourage them to commit crimes. Therefore it becomes our duty and responsibility that our youngsters square measure safe from this potential threat of online criminals.
  • Prohibit the access of dangerous sites: – Net encompasses several sites that square measure inappropriate for teenagers. Sites like gambling or sports dissipated square measure ill-gotten in several countries; therefore youngsters could watch these sites by mistake and face legal problems anon. that’s why ma and pa ought to make certain that these inappropriate, ill-gotten sites square measure inaccessible on our child’s phone. Victimization of the FamiSafe screen time app, we will limit the screen time simply from remote parent devices.
  • Check the browsing or search history on a kid’s phone: – youngsters use search engines for checking out several things. We will additionally check their search preferences and see any trends for looking at explicit phrases victimization the FamiSafe parental management app. this could be helpful if the kid is enthusiastic about porn.


Instead of watching or limiting your children, guiding them in an exceedingly correct means towards a bright future is what matters. I’m positive that every one of the applications mentioned during this article is the simplest screen cut-off date apps nowadays. So, let your children use the web however confirm to not build them confirmed, rather work towards creating them knowledgeable with the higher than screen cut-off date apps.

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