What to learn in computer class?

What to learn in computer class?

Giving computer classes is positive, but what do you learn?

Each student is different and depending on their basic computer knowledge and skills, the same things will not be learned.

Groups of computer courses  are reserved for beginners are those who know how to use a computer. Computer courses then focus on how to turn on a computer, create and use a folder, change a wallpaper, put the computer to sleep, etc.

Of course, in this case there are not many people. Many choose to take computer science classes to improve their office skills. So, the program revolves around the basic software to make a CV, use the Internet, do page layout, use an Excel spreadsheet, Powerpoint, email, etc.

Also, people may choose to take computer science classes to gain a particular skill with Photoshop, Premiere pro, or Lightroom. These are specific software programs that are used in the audiovisual field.

Other people decide to go further in their knowledge of how computers work by learning computer coding: algorithms, java, php language, free software, Python. We must update.

These last courses are generally reserved for professionals or students who want to work in computer maintenance, computer architecture, become a computer engineer or programmer.What to learn in computer class?

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