How to create a chart in Excel

How to create a chart in Excel

In addition to creating data tables, Excel is also excellent for creating all kinds of charts. When using the data in the spreadsheet, the software offers various types of graphs. It is up to you to choose the graph according to your preferences and the type of graph that best suits the situation.

How to create a chart in Excel
Graphics help illustrate information.

The main types of charts are:

  • The histogram,
  • The line graph,
  • The pie chart,
  • The hierarchy chart,
  • The statistic graph,
  • The scatter or bubble chart,
  • The waterfall chart,
  • The combo chart.

But where do you start to make a chart in Excel ?

Like making a table, the first step is to add the data in the rows and columns of the spreadsheet. The data can be divided into one or more categories depending on your project.

Then, you just have to  select all the cells that interest you and click “Insert” . You will see the «Graphic» category in which you can choose its style. When you click the arrow for the symbols,  several subcategories of graphics appear , so you have a wide range of graphic styles.

The chart finally appears in the Excel spreadsheet, but you can change the format. To do this, click on the graphic and then go to the “Design” tab. You will see a section called “Add graph element”, in which you can control:

  • Axes,
  • The title of the axes,
  • The title of the chart,
  • Data labels,
  • The grid,
  • The legend.

You already know how to make a graph!

This operation is not very complicated and can  help you in everyday life, for professional projects or for small businesses .

In fact, you can use charting to present your project to your boss, create reports or summaries of your daily, weekly expenses, etc. The visual is often easier for the brain to understand  than many numbers and calculations.

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