How to do the abs well?

How to do the abs well?

Do abs right? It is enough to raise the trunk by contracting the abdominals. Error!
I have put on weight these Christmas holidays, I am going to have to do some sit-ups to lose my gut too much. Second mistake!
I would like to have a better chocolate bar than this belly, but doing sit-ups is very difficult … Third mistake!
Swimming helps you sculpt your body: not too much, not too little, just the necessary abs.
Before strengthening the abdominal muscles we have to know which are the muscles that we have to work.
People who want a personal trainer won’t have to ask this question, but the body is not a machine; it is a bio-mechanical and chemical set that must be taken care of.


The abdominal girdle is made up of four types of muscles, in addition to the lumbar: How to do the abs well?

The great rectus abdominis,
The internal oblique,
The external oblique,
The transversal.
To be able to do the abs well , that is to say to tone the great rectum, or muscular covering exercises; you will have to respect your physical capacity.
To find out your level, as with languages, you have three tests: the plank posture, the Sorensen test and the Shirado-Ito test.
This series of three exercises corresponds to a gradual difficulty: the plank for beginners, the Shirado-Ito test for an intermediate level, and the last one for experienced and high-level athletes.
But to firm and tone your belly you will have to be cautious; you can’t do anything with your abdominal waist.
These are the four rules that you have to respect to do abdominal exercises well:
Don’t lock your feet
Do not put your hands behind the nica (it is better behind the ears)
Do not relax your belly, it always has to be contracted,
Don’t round your back and kill your shoulders back.
We could say that moving the little finger can cause a lining and a contraction of the obliques and the great rectum.
And remember, there is no need to push yourself and do sit-ups every day; you can alternate with other exercises.
We can tone the muscles of your abdominal waist without making great efforts:
In bed, when we get up, with our legs straight and close together, our pelvis straight and our muscles contracted,
When we go to bed at night, doing small push-ups of the trunk -5 or 10 per series- then hold this posture for 30 seconds,
Contract the abdominals by exhaling, the back stretched and without doing push-ups,
Contract your abdomen as you walk.
A basic rule that prevails over the others; You have to contract your abs when you breathe out and breathe in when you return to the starting position.

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