How to find a good personal trainer?

How to find a good personal trainer?

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How to choose your personal trainer?
How to find a personal trainer on the internet?
What are the differences between the gym and the personal trainer?
Top 6 movies for personal trainers
Sometimes specialized personal trainers
How to get results thanks to personal training?
Do you want to follow a physical training to tone your figure and gain muscle?
Not sure how to choose your coach at the gym or at home? Between the fitness, zumba or aerobics classes and the abs, step or pilates classes at home, are you lost?
At the end of this article, you will know how to choose your coach and find him on the internet, you will have the keys to decide between a coach at home or in the gym and you will be able to expand your film culture about training.

How to choose your personal trainer?: How to find a good personal trainer?

You have decided, you are going to play sports again and you are currently looking for a coach who meets your expectations.
How to find it?
Start by clearly defining your goals to choose an online or face-to-face personal trainer that corresponds to what you need.
Then you can compare the benefits taking into account your budget. Sometimes the first classes are free , take the opportunity to try different trainers if you don’t know which one to choose.
Make sure your teacher is qualified to train you safely.
Check that your coach is certified . You may have pursued university or vocational training:
In the case of university studies: degree in science of physical activity and sport, which can be completed with a master’s degree specializing in nutrition or in physical activity.
Through professional training: intermediate or higher degree in sports, with the possibility of specializing in one modality as well.
The diplomas to be a physical trainer ensure you practice the sport in complete safety . A coach has to teach you to warm up properly before any sporting activity.
The core of the classes has to be consistent with your goals and your physical condition, the coach must do a tailor-made training, focused on you.
Finally, to recover properly, stretching is essential to help the muscles cool down little by little without risk of injury.
Do you live in Barcelona and are you looking for a personal trainer in Barcelona ? You are in the right place.

How to find a personal trainer on the internet?: How to find a good personal trainer?

Today, although you can find your coach by word of mouth, finding a personal trainer online is also very easy. You can easily compare offers without ever leaving your home.
To pick a good one, think about asking a few questions like:
Do you have a diploma to teach training classes? Has experience?
What is your specialty? Who are your regular customers?
Do you go home?
Are you professionally insured?
Do you offer a first test session?
How much does a session cost and how long does it last?
How are payments made?
What is your availability? Can your schedules be adapted to my availability?
These questions may seem tedious, but they are necessary to establish the first contact with your coach and not to make a mistake in your choice.
If you use online platforms, you benefit from several advantages : coaches have to indicate their diplomas and you can search for coaches who live near you.
We obviously advise you to register on our platform . It is the first personal training platform in Spain with more than 1200 personal trainers.
Find the one that best suits your expectations near you thanks to the Internet !
What are the differences between the gym and the personal trainer?
Are you hesitating between joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer at home? We give you the necessary elements to help you choose well!
Personal training is tailored above all to the student, to achieve their goals.
The advantages of home training are:

A total customization of training

Greater motivation : your coach is there to encourage you and push you beyond your physical and psychological limits.
You save time : your personal trainer comes to your home.
Tips : no risk of injury as your coach is by your side from the beginning to the end of the session.
There are also some drawbacks to note:
The teacher’s material is limited : you will not be able to have so many bodybuilding equipment for example.
The cost : a personalized class at home is obviously more expensive than an accompaniment in a gym.
In a gym, you can try numerous devices to work your muscles.

You can opt for a gym, what are the advantages?

A lot of material : you can try new state-of-the-art equipment, gyms periodically renew their equipment.
The space for relaxation : in some gyms, you can enjoy the pool, the sauna or the hammam, choose well!
Affordable rates : the rooms are often operated with a subscription that allows access to all the machines and to some group courses during the week.
Wide hours : they often open early in the morning and close late, remain open at noon and on weekends.
Meeting people : a gym allows you not to be alone while doing sports, you can meet people through sports.

Let’s now see the disadvantages of doing sports in a gym:

Displacement : you will have to travel by car or public transport to the gym.
You will never be alone : the gaze of others can make you uncomfortable.
Lack of motivation : you will have to be highly motivated to go to the gym regularly. How many people join the gym, go for a month and then drop out?
Coaches are in high demand : you run the risk of injury or wrong movements.

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