How to learn Chinese vocabulary?

How to learn Chinese vocabulary?

What to do to learn Chinese words well?: How to learn Chinese vocabulary?

The memory

To learn effectively, you will need to make room for “reading,” “writing,” and “vocabulary” in Chinese.
Sometimes we think that we don’t have a good memory and that others are more gifted at memorizing. Fake! It is simply a matter of practice and knowing our strengths and weaknesses.
First of all, we must know what type of memory we have: visual, auditory or kinesthetic (linked to movement).
The most effective methods to learn a language quickly are: association of ideas, repetition and mental images.

The best supports for learning vocabulary

There are several programs that can help you expand your vocabulary, such as:
Han Pro Trainer: free, this program offers many features, such as vocabulary tables by topic, revision assistant, help with pronunciation or introduction to pinyin. It is a very interesting tool and for all audiences.
Mosa Lingua:  Given the importance of repetition for learning, Mosa Lingua relies on the forgetting curve to develop review periods. This tool is completely adapted to each user and is very practical to learn expressions, notions and ideas.
Of course, the best way to learn a language is immersion. If you can’t go to China, you can always turn to pages that match Chinese students with native Chinese.

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