How to learn to read Chinese?

How to learn to read Chinese?

When we learn to write in Chinese, we also learn to read.

The pinyin: How to learn to read Chinese?

If you don’t want to learn to read or write Chinese, but simply communicate in Chinese, you can be content with pinyin , which literally means “to spell sounds.” It is the Latin transcription of the pronunciation of the characters. If you only plan to go on a trip to China, this will be enough for you.
If, on the other hand, you want to go to work in China, take a Chinese course or study, you will need to know how to read Chinese and write its characters.
Learning pinyin in parallel to Chinese characters can be very useful for better memorization and pronunciation.

Useful apps for learning Chinese: How to learn to read Chinese?

There are several mobile applications that are very useful for learning characters:
Pleco: available for free for iOS and Android, with this application you can draw a character that you do not know yourself. A help to progress quickly.
Skritter: this application helps learning to read with flashcards, which makes it very fun.
Hello HSK: to prepare the HSK diploma, it is very useful to learn vocabulary and learn to read quickly.

Some complementary strategies

Why not watch all Chinese language kung fu movies with Chinese subtitles?
As with any language, to improve you have to study regularly and multiply the various supports:
Use familiar content : watch a movie or series that you already know almost by heart and put it in a Chinese version with Chinese subtitles,
Read a Chinese newspaper : when the student has a sufficient level, the best to progress are those written in Chinese, starting with the newspapers,
Create a learning routine : to learn effectively, it is best to establish a ritual that depends on your habits and your schedule.
Of course, to progress in a language, it is absolutely necessary to learn vocabulary.

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