How to learn Latin in Madrid?

How to learn Latin in Madrid?

Study Latin in the capital.
Madrid is the capital of Spain, the capital of culture, but also of ancient languages.

Madrid … The capital of Spain offers many alternatives when starting to learn Latin . The richness and diversity of the city allow everyone to easily learn the dead languages, including grammar, subjunctive and ancient culture.

Of course, the simplest and most logical way to learn Latin in depth in Madrid is the University . Since studying a career in classical letters is probably the most complete support to achieve mastery of lexicon, speech and antiquity (or with a master’s degree).

Among the best faculties of letters, it must be remembered that those of Madrid are in a good position in the ranking. Keep in mind that if you already work or do not want to invest too much in learning Latin, there are schools that offer the option of starting in Latin through the position of the listener (without pressure).

We can also analyze the associations , which will offer the advantage of being a little more flexible than the university, according to your needs in this regard. To learn Latin in Madrid , we present some associations:

  • Living Latin is an association in which Latin classes are organized to learn this language as if it were alive according to the objectives of each of the students.
  • The Latin Circle of Madrid also allows you to speak the Latin language with other people and is open to all levels.

In Madrid, it is also possible to take private Latin classes, and the city is full of hundreds of possibilities! For example, have you ever heard of MOOCs ( Massive Open Online Course ), for Latin courses? You will be able to find the ideal course, according to your budget, your time or your goals!

At the same time, all course platforms, such as Superprof, offer private Latin classes, depending on your location or the budget you want to invest in learning a dead language like Latin.

Did you know that there is also the possibility of giving classes in the afternoon-evening? In Madrid, there are centers that offer a Latin teaching after a day’s work, to assimilate Latin linguistics and culture, following the Orberg method.

Finally, intensive Latin courses are the ideal alternative for those who want to dedicate themselves to Latin for a certain time and advance quickly in their learning. They are usually paid (around 300 euros) and places are usually limited. Become a Latinist overnight.

For ten days, you will have the opportunity to discover French Latin, the history of the Roman Empire or the infinitive, within institutions such as:

Madrid awaits you with open arms! What are you waiting for? How to learn Latin in Madrid?

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