How to learn Latin in Barcelona?

How to learn Latin in Barcelona?

Barcelona private classes
Barcelona is one of the Spanish cities where learning Latin can be a piece of cake.

Barcelona, ​​several times nominated for European Capital of Culture, enjoys a true prestige in Spain, very conducive to the teaching of Latin. This cultural crossroads offers a rather rich range of possibilities, and all starting from secondary education!

Did you know that in Barcelona more than 20% of university students decide to teach ancient languages ​​(Latin and Greek)?

This springboard allows them to then go on to higher studies with total relaxation, especially through the courses proposed by the Faculty of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. A rich teaching, which will prepare you for whatever you want, even to be a Latin teacher in the future.

As in many universities, the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Autonomous University of Barcelona also allows to attend class as a listener, for all those Latinists whose objective is not merely professional. However, in Barcelona we also find Latinist associations, for those who do not want to embark on the path of study.

In this way, we must also highlight the private classes in Barcelona, ​​recognized for their knowledge and professionalism, and can be a good basis for learning Latin. Calculate around € 20 per hour on platforms like Superprof, for example!

As in Madrid, intensive courses are offered: two-week courses (40 hours of classes), summer courses, one-month courses …

Learn Latin in Barcelona fast and well, what more do you want? How to learn Latin in Barcelona?

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