How to learn Latin in Valencia?

How to learn Latin in Valencia?

Learn Latin in Valencia is not difficult, as the capital of the Valencia Community can boast of an impressive historical and cultural environment , where Latin has its place! We start in college, where the Latin option becomes a linguistic foundation that many choose to study.

Among the faculties that offer the teaching of Latin, the Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir and the University of Valencia with its Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences stand out. In short, studying the Latin language will never have seemed so easy!

If you are not interested in studying a university degree, know that in Valencia there are also language associations, where you can enjoy learning this beautiful language and its attributes:

For example, the “Collegium Latinatis” Cultural Association promotes the dissemination of classical language and culture. They organize guided tours in Latin through Roman Valencia, Latin courses … Come and ask.

You always have the option of attending one of the universities as a listener. This prestigious training will guarantee you a solid base in subjunctive, adjectives and other conjugations. Are we going to Valencia? How to learn Latin in Valencia?

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