How to look for work online: 3 Tips

How to look for work online: 3 Tips

How to look for work online: 3 Tips

I assure you that you will find a job soon by following these recommendations

The first thing you should know is that:

When applying for a job, do not pretend to be AN ALLOLOGIST, the strategy is: Focus on what you do best and fill in your resume with that, what the company needs, not you.

Get a job with Facebook: How to look for work online: 3 Tips

Facebook Jobs is a functionality that, based on your information, allows you to apply for job offers in your city.

Simply go to and activate the notifications (or from the mobile in the side menu by pressing the jobs tab).

The trick to finding a job is in the information you put on your profile. Try to fill in ALL the data, emphasizing your education, jobs, contact, age, profile picture and place of residence.

It is not necessary that all this information is visible to your contacts, when you apply you only share with the company that is applying for the position.

The grace of this is that you will receive notifications of job offers related to you, although you can also explore the job feed to find opportunities.

Select an ad and send your information, the recruiter will contact you inbox and generate an appointment for you.

This is the Facebook Jobs feed.

Find a job in Facebook groups: How to look for work online: 3 Tips

If you are clear about what type of job you need, you will be more successful. Normally you join groups with thousands of people even if they are not employed, right? no more …

You have to enter specific groups, for example, if I am a designer I must enter groups such as “vacancies for designers + (my specialty) + my city” that guarantees time savings and a better impact.

It is true that fewer people will see you but the few who do see you are the ones who are really looking for someone with your talent.

How to search for work on Google: How to look for work online: 3 Tips

Instead of recommending job sites , I’ll give you a method that’s better than the best job search sites put together.

As easy as looking for work online at home

Google it as is, that simple. Direct as to put: “Coca Cola warehouse worker job” or “Flight attendant vacancies”, the location is automatically detected.

An organized list will appear regardless of whether the vacancies are from  OCCMundial  or  Infojobs , we rank the results by affinity, we can even apply without having to enter the same portal.

How to search for work online: Google Jobs

Google Jobs has a mega powerful segmentation tool; It allows you to search under any parameter (place, company, type of employment, years of experience, etc.) and lists the results without entering the same portal.

LinkedIn for employment

It may not be the favorite to find jobs online for young people  but one day it will be one of your main allies.

I invite you to read < this other article> where I explain why pages such as Computrabajo , Employment Portals , Looking for Work , Looking for Employment or Laboris can disappear thanks to social networks.

The important thing on LinkedIn is to allow them to find you by activating the “active job search” option. It’s like yelling at the world I want a job!

There is growing business in this network, from companies to work from home to work in the government , through temporary employment.

LinkedIn is a CV by itself, you have to make the most of it, do this: Go to “Public Profile” and create a friendly URL so that you can share your profile with a simple link and not a huge and strange email address.

Now go back to your profile and press “more” to save it as a PDF, download it and you have a professional CV to distribute.


If you have doubts, check the video and clarify how to use these 3 tools.

So far my entry, please do not forget to follow me on my social networks and subscribe to my channel on YouTube, I am very excited to be able to talk with you and help you as much as I can, without more for the moment, see you in the next hack.


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