Weird Marketing Stories: The Real Life Tony Stark

Weird Marketing Stories: The Real Life Tony Stark0

Weird Marketing Stories: The Real Life Tony Stark

Elon Musk, the amazing inventor and greatest genius of our age

Better known as the real life Tony Stark, he is also Founder of the first online payment system PayPal.

Automotive market revolutionary who put the auto industry in check with his Tesla electric cars .

As if all that was not enough, he managed to unseat NASA as the main aerospace research agency with his company Space X and many other achievements that seem taken from science fiction.

An eccentric multi-millionaire, philanthropist and Playboy hell-bent on proving to the world that nothing is impossible and no dream is too crazy.

To found this company, a Tweet was enough: Weird Marketing Stories: The Real Life Tony Stark

One afternoon in traffic in 2016 Elon tweeted being fed up with the traffic (in a very evident  sarcastic / dismissive “mood” ) claiming that he would start tunneling the city to get rid of the traffic:

Tweet musk Curious Marketing Stories.

The response from the Twitter community did not wait to make fun of his “tantrum”. Although a couple of months later he was inaugurating his new company The Boring Company, a project to transport vehicles through underground tunnels in large cities.

Musk is not one to save anything, or take revenge, he takes the time to scrub his success. Do not judge him, if someone has the irrefutable privilege of showing off his intelligence, it is definitely him.

Boring is a play on words; the verb “dig” is pronounced almost the same as the adjective “boring”.

How to sell: Weird Marketing Stories: The Real Life Tony Stark

A couple of months after he started digging tunnels and designing his first underground car prototypes, he went to the trouble of selling a black cap embroidered with the word “boring.”

It cost him just one tweet and in less than a minute he sold more than 50,000 caps at $ 20 each  . Marketing, where? 

Elon is an eccentric guy (like any genius) therefore he does not settle for one, he must fuck (in the best sense) the world twice:

The boring flamethrower: Weird Marketing Stories: The Real Life Tony Stark

He reinvested the capital from his caps to design a commercial FLAME THROWER. How many do you think it would sell with another tweet?

Elon Musk Cap Curious Marketing Stories.

Everything he touches turns to gold

Lesson of the day: As I have said in my articles about valuable content  and attracting customers through the internet,  organic content is real, sustainable and will always be a great advantage over paid advertising.

This crazy genius shows us that you just need to listen to people and be close to them. Musk may spend many hours on Twitter, but he does it with purpose, with vision, he feeds every day from others.

It does not matter if he is not the one who is stuck there all day, it is clear that he understands very well what social networks are about, he understands social networks better than any “Marketing Expert”

You Musk have this hat

But you will tell me, “dah for him it is very easy because they know him all over the world” No, he is not a celebrity, each follower has earned it, investing in the human, not even Facebook has.

In fact, if you were to go out and ask who he is, I assure you that no one will know how to tell you …

He is simply a person who understands the value of helping and proposing solutions. He is sarcastic and tends to go beyond black humor but there is no doubt that he contributes a lot to the world, he listens to people and that is why he has earned it.

Happy ending

And nothing, probably as we read this Musk is looking for a way to market flying cars or something like that.

Update October 2018: Elon Musk talks about building a combat robot after watching anime


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