How to take cross training classes?

How to take cross training classes?

Are you overwhelmed by feelings of fatigue for no apparent reason at the end of the day? Do you tend to be irascible all day?
It is normal, a sedentary lifestyle is not good.
Join a weight training room to work your muscles and regain physical and mental shape.
“I wanted to learn by myself, but without a sports coach. Which it was the result? A knee injury.

How to do cross training ? Practitioners of this sport have three options: How to take cross training classes?

Sports training at home
Self- taught cross training
Cross training in the gym
We all know the story of the movie One Million Dollar Baby , in which a young woman with a passion for boxing scrambles the macho codes of a predominantly male sport like boxing.
The heroine manages to convince Clint Eastwood to be her coach and help her become a boxing champion.
Regardless of the unfortunate ending of this film, having a trainer at home, an experienced physical trainer, is the best solution to progress and tone , since we will receive a personalized program based on the metabolism of each one.
Disadvantages? The coaching sports at home is expensive. Among our teachers, you will find 4,771 trainers, although not all offer cross training .
The average hourly rate for a session is around € 45, which is outrageous for many families. Feel free to also take a look at sports trainers online.
From the self-taught level, we can follow videos, search for pages online, but we also run the risk of hurting ourselves or getting tired over time.
Playing sports in the gym is the cheapest solution , with certain discounts, which takes advantage of the advice of a coach and the possible creation of a social bond during group lessons.
A cross training session is generally made up of three stages:
The dynamic warm-up: we will warm up the joints requested in the WOD ( Workout Of the Day ),
The Work out of the day : Work out of the day ,
The return to calm: it will decrease the heart rate and stretch the muscles.
There is a great price competition between the sports halls: the monthly payment that revolves around € 30 per month.

Here are some places to take cross training classes  in Spain: How to take cross training classes?

Gredos CrossTraining: a place for physical conditioning (between € 50 and € 90).
O2: a sports club located in Madrid. Sessions on Thursdays from 9:05 p.m. to 9:25 p.m. and Friday from 6:35 p.m. to 6:55 p.m. Rates range from € 210 to € 245 per year.
Inacua centro Málaga (Málaga): sessions from Monday to Sunday of less than one hour whose rates range from 13.95 to 29.95 per month.
Box Indian (Castilleja de la Cuesta, Seville): sessions at almost all hours of the day (morning and afternoon) with a monthly fee of € 55 for full members.
Fitness Fabra Gym: one-hour sessions in the afternoon dedicated to  cross training . Sessions between € 30 and € 50 per month.

Center Activities Rate

Gredos CrossTraining Cross training sessions. Training methods according to level. € 50 and € 90 / month
O2 Cross training sessions 210-245 € / year
Inacua Malaga center Cross training sessions € 13.95 and € 29.95 / month
Box Indian Cross training sessions € 55 / month
Fitness Fabra Gym Cross training sessions € 30-50 / month

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