What are the main interests of cross training?

What are the main interests of cross training?

First of all, among the benefits and interests of cross training , we find quality muscle strengthening , which induces muscle gain and fat loss.
Working cross training exercises brings many benefits: flexibility and resistance, among others.
We are not saying that one training session is enough to lose weight, but that there is a correlation between those who practice these sports activities and those who have a sedentary lifestyle.
According to a study conducted in Australia in 2008 among overweight women, after 15 weeks of intensive training, a subcutaneous fat loss of 2.5 kg each was recorded, while the groups that did little effort (aerobic threshold) barely registered a weight loss.
The interest of cross training is, fundamentally, that it allows you to be better with your body and in your social relationship with others.
Playing sports releases the so-called “happiness hormones” (endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin): in this way, an intensive HIIT-type training will act positively on the metabolic functions of the blood, nervous, cardiorespiratory, cardiovascular systems, etc.
The sports activities of cross training , always varied and non-repetitive to allow the practitioners to be motivated, allow to act on some physical capacities:

Cardiovascular and respiratory resistance: What are the main interests of cross training?

Muscular endurance
Muscle toning
We will literally draw an athletic silhouette, forge mental steel, act against stress, and dig a bottomless pit of motivation , tonicity factor, and vitality.
The more cardio training is repeated regularly (48 hours rest is recommended after each session), the less lactic acid will accumulate in muscle tissue.
However, beware of the risks involved in playing sports at home: without a personal trainer at home, there is a risk of not doing all exercises correctly, taking poor posture and suffering pain and injury.
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