Over the past few months, Microsoft’s browser, the new Chromium-based Edge , has snatched some of the market pie from Google Chrome. This is not only due to the huge amount of new features, but also because Edge, in general, consumes less RAM and runs faster than Chrome .

It seems that Google has finally found the key to make Chrome much faster in Windows 10, and that is why as of Chrome 91 it is implementing a new functionality that will improve the speed of the browser.

To do this, the Mountain Viewers are making the JavaScript engine faster thanks to their new Sparkplug compiler , specifically making the browser up to 23% faster than the current one, they comment from windowslatest .

It should be clarified that this new compiler would fill the gap in the execution and optimization of the JavaScript code in order to enhance performance.

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To this must be added the integrated calls , something that will allow optimizing the processes in which the browser uses generated code to reduce jumps when calling the different functions.

Another feature that is also being worked on to make browsing in Chrome much faster is the backward cache in Windows 10 , but also in macOS and Linux, but this time it will be from Chrome 92. 

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Thanks to the back caching function, the instant loading of pages is allowed when users navigate between the different open tabs , using the “go back” or “go forward” buttons. This only works as long as a page has already been previously visited and loaded and the session is in the browser cache.

It is especially ideal, in case when browsing Chrome, we have to press the back button several times to continue reading some type of information or browsing through the different news of a website.

All these new features to make Chrome much faster and more efficient will be offered in a phased manner over the next few weeks and we recommend that you update the browser now. If you have not done so yet, update Chrome, you may be in for a very pleasant surprise