Job search apps

Job search apps

Now everything is on the Internet. And you have to be too to find a job.

However, we want to make it clear before continuing that networking and word of mouth work, and a lot. If you are looking for a job, tell those around you. Do not hesitate to tell your friends and family that you are looking for work, in what, in what sector or in what place (if you have preferences). Similarly, communicate this to your former employers and co-workers. You can email the company’s human resources department and speak to one of your former colleagues directly if you are confident. Don’t be afraid to ask and offer.

Once you have “spread the word” that you are looking for work, it is time to do it in the virtual world as well. Today there are dozens of job search apps and websites . Take several days to build a good profile on each of them.

Some portals you should sign up for, which you will surely know, are: Infojobs, Indeed, LinkedIn. Likewise, also register on employment and career guidance pages such as Adecco, Eurofirms, Randstad or Manpower.

As for mobile applications , sign up for b4work app.

Prepare a complete CV

Types of cover letter.
What elements should highlight on a resume?

More than a complete CV is needed today. But beware, complete is not synonymous with extensive . As we have already mentioned, for the same offer there may be tens and hundreds of people who have applied, so the people in charge of the selection process do not have time to thoroughly review each resume.

On one sheet you have to condense everything you want to convey.

On the other hand, today, in addition to the classic resume , there are other ways to present yourself and that can make a difference with other candidates.

For some positions you will see that you are asked to send a video-resume or write a motivation letter .

On the web there are many examples that can inspire you. We recommend that you have one prepared and do not wait to be asked.

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