Give webcam photography classes

Give webcam photography classes

Take advantage of new technologies to find students looking for quality photography training!

Webcam photography classes
Teach students to take photos with the device of their choice!

In recent years, the practice of teaching online has become more and more common. If this option attracts so much, it is thanks to the popularity of digital tools. The vast majority of students and teachers already have the  necessary equipment  to organize an online photography class, which helps them save money.

Here is a list of the equipment needed to teach photography classes online :

  • A laptop or desktop computer, running Windows or Mac, depending on post-processing;
  • A quality webcam, preferably independent of the computer (spending between 20 and 30 euros for a quality webcam is enough);
  • A microphone built into the computer or webcam, or a separate microphone with headphones;
  • A good Internet connection (fiber optic recommended);
  • An instant chat program with screen sharing function (Google Hangouts, Skype …),
  • A post-production photo editing program.

Webcam classes are particularly recommended for beginners in teaching photography, as this type of education tends to relax both the student and the teacher more .

They can easily get in touch via instant messaging apps, which makes up for the sometimes overly serious side of home tutoring.

So why don’t you start teaching photography with an online photography course ? Take advantage of new technologies to find students looking 


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