Learn Chinese to visit China

Learn Chinese to visit China

China is the 4th most visited country in the world and is one of the main poles of international world tourism, as citizens from all over the world rush to discover the Great Wall of China or the skyscrapers of Hong Kong …
During a survey conducted in 2015, Pass Planet asked its Internet users to rate the best Chinese attractions:
Landscapes : 17.35 / 20,
Chinese cuisine : 17.10 / 20,
Safety : 16.93 / 20
Tourist attractions : 16.30 / 20,
The quality / price ratio : 16.06 / 20,
Cultural opportunities : 14.63 / 20,
Purchases : 14.61 / 20,
Travel costs : 14.38 / 20,
The attitude of the Chinese “Han” : 14.06 / 20.
To avoid being a tourist, mastering the language is a great advantage that allows Spaniards to visit deep China without going through the famous organized trips.
In China, as in most tourist countries, vendors often agree to haggle : here, it’s not by breaking English that you will be able to save a few yuan!
Speaking Chinese allows you to communicate directly with the natives without resorting to a physical or digital translator .

Who has not dreamed of seeing the Great Wall of China with their own eyes?: Learn Chinese to visit China

While strolling the streets of Shanghai or Beijing, you can discover places inaccessible to monolingual tourists and understand the signs and other road signs without even having to ask for directions. A new way to discover China in a different way thanks to Chinese classes!
Going to Chinese classes also allows us to better understand the body language of our Asian friends.
Indeed, some gestures differ from ours : this is the case of the sign of the figure 2, which means 8 in China.
Chinese speakers will not have that problem: body language does not matter, they will know how to make themselves understood using the Chinese tonal language.
Whether for a linguistic stay, to be with a Chinese host family or simply for a tourist trip, learning pinyin, Chinese pronunciation and the springs of Chinese culture (courtesy formulas, for example), They will be essential for your trip to be a success.

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