If there is a technology that is increasingly innovative with the aim of making life easier for users, that is the one that is focused on the home. Connectivity has served to enhance it and the different devices are not only more powerful, they are also smarter. This is where Midea succeeds .

This leading manufacturer in China has some of the most interesting equipment you can buy today and  now they have gone one step further to create the Midea M7 Pro , an unstoppable model.

Technology, autonomy, materials, mobile application … Each one of the details of the Midea M7 Pro puts it in the lead . But to understand it better, we are going to show you how the robot vacuum cleaner you need will help you.

The latest technologies in the sector and with more than 30 sensors: Midea M7 Pro, the all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner that will triumph in 2021 has arrived

Midea M7 Pro

At Midea they know that for a robot vacuum cleaner to be efficient it has to adapt its use to the home situation . It is not only a matter of knowing the distribution of space and rooms, it also has to be done to the surfaces of the house and today they even memorize the areas where more dirt accumulates.

These advances are especially useful because the robot vacuum cleaner increases power when the sensors detect that it is in an area with carpet , for example, to which is also added the ability to move without colliding with obstacles that it encounters and to avoid falls. 

In addition, if it finds a gap, such as in a door or with the carpet, it is able to rise 2 centimeters to avoid it and not get blocked , as can happen with more obsolete robots. All this is done thanks to the new 3.0 laser technology of the M7 Pro that assesses each situation that surrounds the device.

6 cleaning modes for all surfaces: Midea M7 Pro, the all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner that will triumph in 2021 has arrived

Midea M7 Pro

The sum of the sensors and the cleaning modes make the M7 Pro a device capable of sweeping and scrubbing any surface in the most efficient way. In order to achieve this , the different cleaning modes can be programmed  through the mobile phone application.

Cleaning of areas, stains, deep, scheduled, non-forbidden areas and zig-zag are the available options that make it possible to carry out an adequate and adapted management at the time. For example, cleaning with greater intensity in the kitchen or dining room, but not going into where there are usually toys so that he does not swallow them.

In addition, it is also possible to configure power, scrubbing, amount of water, vibration and each of the functions that the Midea M7 Pro implements . At the moment you can change the operating mode or the task you want it to focus on, because if the Midea team also boasts of something, it is the connectivity it has.

All control from the application

Midea M7 Pro

The data sent by the robot vacuum cleaner to the Midea application helps shape each of the options that you want to configure at home. The first thing to take into account is that you can connect your mobile to the M7 Pro through WiFi and Bluetooth in three simple steps.

Once linked, the application will have the plans drawn by the robot and it will be possible to create forbidden areas through virtual walls, areas to be cleaned in depth or the possibility of resuming cleaning at some point. How could it be otherwise, not only can you schedule cleanings, but also tell you at any time to clean something in particular.

To all this we must add one of the options that were already implemented by previous Midea models, use the robot vacuum cleaner at any time through the most popular voice assistants by offering the possibility of connecting through Alexa or the Google Assistant . It cannot be easier to use it.

Powerful and with long autonomy

Midea M7 Pro

There is no stain or dust to resist the Midea M7 Pro thanks to the power it can boast of. It is inevitable to talk about the different levels of suction with up to 4,000 PA of power in an engine that has been an important step forward in order to carry out an even more effective cleaning.

To this must be added the vibration capacity that together with the brushes they manage to sweep the elements stuck to the ground and attract them towards the tank, just as the broom is pressed with more force in some points when doing it by hand. 

When it comes to scrubbing to leave any perfect surface, the same gives any room, the kitchen or the bathroom, the electronic pump extracts the necessary water whose volume will be controlled to leave the floor clean in one go , no matter how sticky it is. find. Because this is one of the great advantages of this team, the all in one pass that it integrates.

Midea M7 Pro

Vacuuming, sweeping and scrubbing in one go is possible with the Midea M7 Pro , which not only saves on cleaning time, but also makes it more comfortable and takes full advantage of the powerful 5,200 mAh battery that it integrates.

On a single charge it can run for 150 minutes and clean 250 ㎡ uninterruptedly . No matter how big your house is, it is sure to clean everything you need without pause. But you won’t have to worry about recharging: when you’re done, go back to where you installed the station to fill the battery again. And in case something has been left half, it will only continue cleaning from the same point when it has battery.

Midea M7 Pro has arrived in Spain

You may have seen the many advantages offered by this robot vacuum cleaner in all aspects, but there was still one to comment: its incredible price. Since its launch, Midea M7 Pro has been at the forefront of robot vacuum cleaners  with its multiple functions, but at a lower price than you can imagine.