On May 18, Google showed us a video that allows us to see in depth the design of Android 12 . They were the first official images that revealed what awaits us in Android 12, and its minimalist aesthetic with the customization of colors as the protagonist has not left anyone indifferent. 

Those from Mountain View explained that the aesthetics of Android 12 is completely material. Its redesigned interface is an evolution of Material Design and is called Material You, with an emphasis on customization options. The user will be able to choose the color range of the interface, so that each terminal will be unique in its own way. 

Apart from this, we also find drastic changes in the Android 12 menus and the icons will be larger and more separated, among other novelties. 

Mobile emojis
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What the Big G didn’t announce at Google I / O was that the Android 12 emojis will also undergo a redesign . The Emojigraph team has identified 389 updated emoticons in Android 12 beta 1 . At the moment they have not found new emojis, but hundreds of emojis that have adapted their appearance to the new interface of the operating system.

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In the opening image of this news item, you can see some of the most notable changes. The ones with a gray background are the Android 11 designs, while those with a green background are the Android 12 emojis. In general, as you can see, the updated emoticons have a simpler and more simplified appearance. 

On the other hand, the emoji with the mask has also been updated, going from being a sad face to a happy face. But the categories in which the most change has been detected are those of plants, food, places and objects . In the screenshot that we leave you below you can see some of the most outstanding ones.

Android 12 emojis


As pointed out from Emojigraph, it is possible that Google will carry out more changes and that we will discover them when the public beta versions of Android 12 arrive. Also, in September or October new emoji designs are expected with the final version of Android 12.  So are the redesigned emojis that will arrive on your mobile with Android 12