Muscle your legs with your training

Muscle your legs with your training

There are two possible goals when it comes to working your legs:
Bodybuilding and mass gain: the athlete wants to gain volume at the level of the quadriceps, calves and hamstrings.
Reduction of cellulite, loss of fat tissue, with the aim of having shaped legs and marked muscles.
In the first case, it is better to orient yourself to the bodybuilding equipment.
To have well defined legs, you will have to do sets on the curls, press and extensions.
In the second case, think more about squats without a bar or half squats to define the muscles of the legs and glutes.
Aquabiking or aquajogging , two activities carried out in the pool, under the supervision of a certified trainer, exercise the muscles of the legs, buttocks and the abdominal belt while the water pressure activates blood circulation.

A true weapon of mass destruction against cellulite!: Muscle your legs with your training

Very interesting activity to define the legs and burn calories, without risk of injury.
Like spinning or cycling , aquabiking allows you to burn quite a few calories (between 500 and 600 kcal depending on the intensity) and define the silhouette. Even less aggressive than cycling, since the water slows down the joints, you have to try it!
To firm / muscle the inside of your thighs , also think about doing scissors, lying on a mat. To make it even more effective, you can add weights to your heels, so you will work the adductors more.
Finally, cycling , road or mountain, is an outdoor sport that exercises the heart, lungs and strengthens all the muscles of the legs, all with a cyclist’s tan for when you go to the pool.
If you think that your legs are too voluminous, you can also do 5 activities that Cosmopolitan recommends to slim your legs:
Walk fast or run
Yoga and stretching
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A good diet to improve your physical training
Without a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, it is impossible to accompany your body well in its sports preparation.
Hydrate before, during and after the sessions, reinforce the protein intake if you want to gain muscle mass and reduce carbohydrates a little if you want to define your figure and lose a few kilos.
Anyway, if you have a regular physical activity and do not increase your nutritional intake, you will lose weight, it is mathematical.
A nutrition adapted and personal training quality must go hand in order to achieve the desired objective.
Do you want to have some thighs of steel ?

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