The nursing assistant is a very important professional in the health sector. In the first line of contact with patients, this profession requires a significant vocational dose and empathy, as well as essential knowledge that is learned with specific and quality training.


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What does a nursing assistant do?: Nursing assistant, a key profession

Nursing assistants perform routine tasks working collaboratively and under the supervision of nurses in basic patient care.

In their day-to-day work, they work in health centers, medical residences, nursing homes, hospitals or even at home . They carry out hygiene and patient care tasks, make beds and order materials. In addition, they are in charge of supporting the nurses in tasks such as taking the constants, recording the pulse, temperature and weight of the patients.

The direct patient care is the responsibility of a nursing assistant. They observe changes in their health, alerting the doctor when necessary and making sure they are as comfortable as possible. They clean, dress and move patients who cannot get out of bed in order to provide them with a quality of life within their situation. Some are even repositioned to avoid ulcers or given food and drink.

A nursing assistant also works in collaboration with the cleaning staff in the health centers to ensure hygiene measures in the rooms and sending bedding and uniforms to the laundry.

Nursing Assistant

Campus Training

Nursing Assistant

In general, assistants can perform the simplest clinical tasks such as collecting samples for clinical analysis or changing dressings . The role of these professionals is essential for the proper functioning of health establishments and for patients to feel as protected as possible.

Requirements to be a nursing assistant

As we have commented, to become a nursing assistant, having a vocation to help people and having the following skills or competencies will play in your favor:

  • Kindness and delicacy in dealing with patients. With these skills you will be able to provide a very pleasant and quality care to people.
  • Patience, will and communication skills as you will be in direct contact with the sick or patients.
  • Teamwork to be able to carry out tasks in collaboration with your fellow staff, team and with other professional profiles such as doctors, nurses and cleaning personnel.

Finally, you will need to be in possession of the Nursing Assistant Professional Training qualification.

What do you have to study to work as a nursing assistant?: Nursing assistant, a key profession

To become a healthcare professional specialized in patient care, that is, a nursing assistant, you must complete a nursing assistant course , a mid-level training or specialized professional training in a nursing assistant technician.

Once you successfully complete your studies and obtain your FP degree, you will be able to work in the health area of ​​nursing in hospitals, geriatric centers, NGOs, health centers, residences, psychiatric hospitals, ambulances, etc.

As a health professional, continuous training will be your greatest ally as it will allow you to climb positions in both the public and private sectors and update your knowledge according to the advances that are being made in health matters. Taking specialized courses in the healthcare and health sector will provide you with all the know-how that will open up new opportunities in your professional career. Nursing assistant, a key profession