A programming language readable by anyone with basic programming skills? Python gives us the answer. Free, open source, object oriented, with a huge community behind it and a simplicity that makes it very easy to learn, as well as a safe bet for many companies.


Whether you’re already programming in another programming language or thinking about learning to program, you’ve probably heard of Python. It is one of the 4 fastest growing programming languages ​​according to the 2020 Stack Overflow survey and offers countless programming and career opportunities.

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Origin of Python programming: The Python programming language, How to learn to program?

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​today. Its origin dates back to the late 80s when the Dutch computer scientist Guido Van Rossum created it and began to implement it.

Since 1991, when the first public version was published, the language has undergone year after year updates led by Van Rossum. Until 2018 where the programmer announces his retirement and a board of directors made up of 5 members elected by the Python development community has been established.

Advantages of the Python language: The Python programming language, How to learn to program?

Open source or open source , you do not pay to use it, it is free.

It allows saving time and resources since we can create a very readable code and this greatly facilitates its implementation and understanding.

Great python community that makes a lot of documentation available and new applications and libraries are continually being developed. Also, if we have a question, there will be countless developers who can help us solve it.

Python Programmer

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Python Programmer: The Python programming language, How to learn to program?

Multiparadigm and multiplatform as it is a very flexible language with a very good learning curve. In addition, it adapts to all platforms and can be run on different operating systems.

What is Python for?

The uses of Python are endless and its adaptability makes Python an ideal programming language for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Web Development.

The best ally of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This language makes it possible for us to reduce the most complex ideas to a few lines of code. And it is highly recommended programming for AI, thanks to the large community of active developers behind it and the availability of free machine learning libraries .

Everybody wants python

Python is widely used for useful data extraction, management and subsequent analysis, that is, Python is good at Big Data . In addition, many researchers have already changed MATLAB for Python and it is an ideal language for testing as it allows quickly validating MVP and validating product ideas.

The use of Python does not stop here, but with just a few lines of code we can create all kinds of prototypes, web pages, visualize data, create networks, develop software, etc. Python’s paths are infinite.

The 5 most popular web platforms made with Python

We have already seen the advantages of programming with Python and its many uses. Now we want to list the 5 web pages that we all know and that are developed and built with Python. Although there are thousands of websites on the Internet programmed in Python, we highlight these:

  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Pinterest

As we can see, among the technological stack of the most powerful platforms on the Internet, we find that they use libraries, frameworks, engineering and all the advantages that this leading programming language offers.

High demand for Python professionals

In addition to all the advantages and uses that Python offers, one of the reasons why programming in Python will open many doors for you is because of the great demand for Python professionals that exists in the labor market . This need for Python programmers is exponential and growing every year. Therefore, training in programming with Python will provide you with great opportunities for your professional career and a future full of possibilities.

If you are thinking of giving wings to your professional career, taking a programming course will give you countless alternatives, sectors where you can work and jobs with a lot of future prospects.

How can I learn to program in Python?

As we have commented, Python is a simple language to learn and with a very good learning curve , that is, in a short time you will see results and this motivates a lot when it comes to learning programming.

If you are thinking of launching into the world of programming or if you want to learn a new cutting-edge programming language, you will find many ways to train and learn in a sector where self-learning is very normalized.

Python programming


Python programming

The best and most successful way is to opt for a Python course . Why? Because you will be trained with guarantees, with a route guide established in your learning, you will feel accompanied, being able to consult all your doubts with professionals in the sector and you will learn to program in Python from beginning to end. From the fundamentals of object-oriented programming (OOP), structure and programming with Python.

In addition, the training centers where you can learn Python have a job board and a network of collaborating companies that will give you the opportunity to jump directly into the job market once you have successfully completed your training. The Python programming language, How to learn to program?