Organisms in which to take biology classes in Madrid

Organisms in which to take biology classes in Madrid


HomEducation is a platform that assigns private teachers to students according to their needs. The teacher travels to the student’s home and conducts a personalized follow- up on the student .

EMA (Municipal Schools for Adults)

The EMAs teach classes of various subjects to people over 18 years of age. The course coincides with the standard school year, that is, from September to June of the following year.

Associations to learn biology in Madrid

  • Planet Sciences
  • Neighborhood associations in each neighborhood
  • Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Biology (SEBBM)

Your particular classes

Tusclasesparticulares is a search platform for private classes in academic subjects and leisure and free time activities.

Online Academies

Currently there are several virtual academies that are super good to learn from home:



It is a platform where you will find biology teachers close to where you live. Classes can be at home or at the teacher’s academy. You can also receive online classes with a teacher from anywhere in Spain.

New Future Academy

It is an academy that teaches biology classes and specializes in the subjects of biology for the 1st and 2nd year of high school, as well as in the preparation of the selectivity biology exam.

If you like this subject but feel a bit lost and would like to achieve good results, we recommend the Academia Nuevo Futuro.

Montero Espinosa University Academy

This academy is specialized in the agenda of the Degree in Biology at the Complutense University of Madrid . Several of its teachers have been students of this degree at this university, so they know perfectly how the classes are developed and what the teachers are like. Organisms in which to take biology classes in Madrid

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