Where to learn biology in Barcelona

Where to learn biology in Barcelona

Personalized teaching is the best way to overcome difficulties in biology. A care and individual monitoring increases the chances of achieving our goals.

At Superprof we have private biology teachers in Barcelona and in the rest of Spain. With a simple search you will see the teachers that are closest to you, their training and experience, their rate, and so on.

Degree in Biology in Barcelona
Are you a biologist in a boot or in a gown?

Associations and academies that teach biology classes in Barcelona

Espai de l’estudi

This center offers remedial classes for ESO and Baccalaureate in all subjects, including Biology and Geology.

They have specialized courses in the preparation of selectivity and in the entrance exams to FP (intermediate grade and higher grade).

You will know

This academy gives private classes individually or in small groups for all subjects and levels. They also have intensive courses, school reinforcement, preparation for selectivity, summer courses … everything!

Formació Miró

Private classes of any subject for ESO and Baccalaureate. It has a very wide and flexible schedule so that you can go to biology classes whenever you want.

Talent Up

School reinforcement classes of all subjects, such as Biology, Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry or Economics. You will find teachers with a long history teaching reinforcement classes in ESO and reinforcement for high school.

Likewise, they have courses to prepare:

  • Selectivity (PAU)
  • University Access +25 Years
  • Top Grade PAGS
  • Medium Grade PAGM

They also teach classes to improve the transversal competences necessary at the university, such as writing texts, especially in the social-humanistic degrees, and mathematics, for the scientific-technical degrees.

Classroom 3’14

Science classes (biology, chemistry, mathematics …), humanities, social sciences and preparation for tests (selectivity, ESA, FP).

If you have difficulties with more subjects in addition to biology, this academy is perfect, since you can take classes in different subjects without running around. Where to learn biology in Barcelona

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