Other possibilities to receive physics classes in Madrid

Other possibilities to receive physics classes in Madrid

Municipal Schools for Adults (EMA)

These schools are open to people of legal age, that is, from 18 years old. They offer classes in various subjects each school year (September through June).

Associations to learn chemistry in Madrid

In the capital, hundreds of associations have been created to learn physics such as Planeta Ciencias, neighborhood associations or the Royal Spanish Physics Society (RSEF). You can also see other alternatives such as:

  • Montero Espinosa University Academy : one of the most recommended academies for students of the degree in Physics at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). These are classes that focus on the syllabus of this degree and the groups are made up exclusively of UAM students. They offer both face-to-face and online classes .
  • HomEducation: it is an online platform that proposes private teachers at home to students who require school support. The chosen teacher defines a personalized monitoring program.
  • Your private classes: with a simple search on this portal you will find dozens of private teachers near you.
  • Online academies : a solution in full swing after the appearance of the coronavirus. Virtual academies such as khanacademy.org or smartick.es are the best bet to continue learning from home.
  • Academia Ingenieros & Asociados : it is an academy specialized in giving private classes to students of scientific university careers of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) such as the Degree in Physics , the Degree in Chemistry or the Degree in Materials Engineering, among others. Other possibilities to receive physics classes in Madrid

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