Where to learn physics in Barcelona?

Where to learn physics in Barcelona?

Private physics classes in Barcelona

There is no doubt that daily practice is essential to pass subjects such as physics. For those who have difficulties to follow the course or for those who wish to expand their knowledge, at Superprof we have a wide network of private physics teachers who teach both face-to-face classes at home and online and have years of experience teaching.

Associations and organizations that provide physics classes in Barcelona

López Parras Academy

In this center they teach classes of all levels of physics and chemistry subjects: ESO, baccalaureate, preparation for the EBAU and university degrees.

Formació Miró

The Formació Miró academy offers personalized classes for secondary, high school and vocational training students. They ensure that you acquire a good foundation in the subject of physics through classes in small groups or even individual sessions.

Spanish physics teachers
The Park Güell in Barcelona. Photo by Enrico Perini.

Talent Up

The center specializes in physical reinforcement classes. It welcomes ESO, high school and university students. Likewise, they also offer classes in science subjects from various higher-level training cycles and an intensive course for the preparation of the EBAU (Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access).

Check here all the details about the physics academies in Barcelona . Where to learn physics in Barcelona?

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