Our tips for using LinkedIn correctly

Our tips for using LinkedIn correctly

Tricks to stand out on Linkedin
Whether you’re looking for a job, a recruiter, or a content marketer, you have a site on LinkedIn!

To use LinkedIn properly , you must follow some basic tips to manage your contact, your career goals, or your new opportunities effectively. Because this professional site has  many tools that, when mastered, help us to be present more easily.

Registration is the most crucial step,  as this is when you will add all your basic information that will be available to users later. Make sure you put up a good profile picture (profile visibility is multiplied by 11 when a photo is included), add the correct information, and everything will go smoothly!

On the other hand, if you want  to unsubscribe  because your expectations are not met or your marketing strategy falls apart, it is very simple! You just have to follow a  few  steps:

  1. Click on the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn home page,
  2. Select “Settings and privacy” in the drop-down menu,
  3. In the “Account Management” section of the “Account” tab, click “Change” next to “Close your LinkedIn account”,
  4. Choose the reason for closing the account and click “Next”,
  5. Enter your account password and then click “Close account.”

However, be sure to  download a copy of your data beforehand . To do this, simply go to ‘Privacy’, and in the ‘How LinkedIn uses your data’ section, click ‘Change’ next to ‘Download your data’.

But let’s go with those tips! To make your page stand out and get the most out of LinkedIn, feel free to  be active and reactive.  Post content that may be of interest to your first network of contacts and, no matter how many members you have in your community, respond to posts, interact with others, congratulate people on their new position… In short, you must be present! Present, but  without being intrusive!  This is the subtlety of this first professional social network.

Keep in mind that you can also  use a Premium account,  which, although paid, will help you take a step forward over other candidates or competing companies.

See who visited your profile, have additional information about companies, send more InMail … All this is possible,  for  € 21.99 (for a job search account) or for  € 89.95 (for a company account).  There are  4 types of Premium accounts and it is possible to try each of the formats for  free for a month , to see which one really interests you.

Either way,  standing out on LinkedIn is the key.  As we have mentioned, you can take  small actions  to make yourself known, but without going overboard. For example, change  your profile URL , add a cover photo, put  keywords  in your blog content,  share your content  on all social networks … In short, everything you need to  improve your image!

Thus, an effective content strategy involves thinking in the details. Find a job, evolve professionally, do webmarketing , apply for jobs … LinkedIn is a quality social network that allows us all to  evolve  in this strange universe that is the world of employment.

With all these tips, you can better cope with this world without having to wonder how to get a job with the degrees you have. Everyone has their site on this platform. Cheer up! Our tips for using LinkedIn correctly


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