Register in the social network Twitter

Register in the social network Twitter

How to use Twitter
In the blue bird social network, you can express yourself about anything. However, not because we can do it, we must do it …

Considered as the sixth in the ranking of the most popular social networks in terms of its users, Twitter is a platform to talk about different topics and stay informed. Its concept is based on the tweet, 280 characters long, and the hashtags , the keywords. Do as many users and create a Twitter account !

Create an account and become a follower: Register in the social network Twitter

As with any social network, the first step to get on Twitter is to create an account. To do this, go to the home  page of the website and click on “Register”. Next, you must complete some basic information:

  • A name or pseudonym,
  • A phone number or an email address,
  • A password of at least 6 characters.

In  Advanced options  you will be able to maintain your anonymity in the network by not revealing your number or email. Confirm your account by clicking the link in the confirmation email and voila!

To  personalize  your Twitter account, you can add a profile photo and description, but all of this is optional. Use settings such as your account management tools to personalize your account and keep it secure.

At the moment, your news thread is empty, so you must start following accounts to expand it. Thus, when you enter the application or the site, you will find all the tweets of the people you follow. Humorous, informative, artistic, sports, cultural accounts … There are a large number of  accounts each with its own universe.

To follow an account, just click the ” Follow” button  and you will officially become a follower . You can stop continuing by clicking the same button. To get started, why don’t you follow Superprof’s Twitter account? Register in the social network Twitter

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