Personal training: tips not to give to lose weight

Personal training: tips not to give to lose weight

Do not promise your clients that they will lose weight quickly because it is unrealistic and because it endangers their health.
The main drawback of the express regimen is the yoyo effect : to lose weight quickly, you will have to create a routine when it comes to the body. The problem is that our body gets into the bad habit of storing all the fats that appear when we return to a normal diet.

It is one of the main mistakes in weight loss !: Personal training: tips not to give to lose weight

Another unpleasant consequence of rapid weight loss : the great state of fatigue in which you will find yourself, in addition to bad breath (especially due to lack of saliva), ideal for socializing at work or in your personal life!
Finally, losing weight quickly involves r memorization of the body. The latter gets used to deprivation and therefore, the more regimen you do, the more difficult it will be to lose weight.
To be sure of lasting pounds, consider the idea of ​​cardio workouts that support the cardiovascular system such as:
to run,
outdoor cycling,
the treadmill
indoor cycling, in a gym or sports center.
Some believe that yoga is a “passive” activity, not at all, you will break a sweat!

These “cardio” exercise classes should be combined with muscle strengthening : Personal training: tips not to give to lose weight

General physical preparation,
Muscle toning,
Squats and glutes,
Gymnastics, Pilates or yoga classes.
The whole set, in the presence of a qualified personal trainer (who has training in physical preparation), in a gym or at home.
If you are overweight, do not think that running is prohibited. You just have to follow some tips from Superprof so you don’t get injured!\

Why not look for a personal trainer course ?

Personal training: what not to do in cardio training!
Clearly, cardio is the solution to burning cellulite and other unlucky love handles, but beware of doing anything in the cardio session !
As a personal trainer you have to guide your students and prevent them from following the bad ideas that circulate in certain gyms.
It may seem obvious, but training with an injury is absurd and dangerous.
How many runners do you know in your environment who continue to accumulate kilometers despite having injuries or suffering from tendonitis, for example?
In case of minor injuries, cut the activity on pain of injuring yourself more seriously (tear, break) and give importance to low-impact sports such as:
the swimming,
indoor cycling (unless you suffer on your knees),
yoga (be careful with certain delicate positions),
and gentle gymnastics.
Running is an infinite source of training: power, resistance, aerobic, fasting, you will not get bored!
In the same way, some preconceptions are still present.
Split training can come at a cost to losing weight (yes, yes!) Because this intense exercise stimulates your metabolism and promotes fat burning, but after exertion. Lose weight at work after a hard session!
You can also do physical exercise on an empty stomach. Well mastered, it attacks the fats of the body.
Whatever your physical level, whether you are a Sunday athlete or a high-level athlete , don’t forget this basic tip: your training program has to be progressive!
Respecting the gradual training changes is when you can progress. Do not forget the recovery, which is essential for your body to digest the preceding sessions and become more resistant!
Being a fan of running, cycling and triathlon, he immediately gave up the idea of ​​continuing to smoke. The cigarette is the enemy of the endurance athlete and greatly reduces lung capacity, as well as the exchange of gases with the blood.
Think that by saving 2 packs of tobacco per week, you can give yourself that carbon bike that you dream of so much! So isn’t quitting worth it?
Nutritionist personal trainer: be careful with the advice you give!
If you want to optimize your personal training, it is also necessary to refer to the diet and eating habits of your students.
But beware bad sports nutrition advice !
In general, recommend a varied diet, emphasize the importance of fruit and legumes, and a protein supplement for athletes that can be supplemented with divided sessions and thus help build muscle.
In the same way, Superprof has prepared a list with the 10 best foods to accompany your athletes (click on the link above)

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