Reason 2: Chemistry favors the understanding of the world

Reason 2: Chemistry favors the understanding of the world

On the other hand, due to its interdisciplinary nature, it is extended to other non-scientific fields of knowledge .

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Chemistry is present around us even though it may not seem like it.

As we have said, everything that surrounds us has a relationship, in one way or another, with the rest. In the case of chemistry, we see it represented in medicines, cosmetics, electronics or food.

Its usefulness is more than evident in disciplines such as culinary chemistry, which in addition to taking into account the chemistry or biochemistry of food, helps us to develop mechanisms for its preparation so that flavor, texture or other sensory properties can be manipulated. .

For example, food is composed of substances (lipids, carbohydrates, proteins …) that interact with each other, either in an original way or through processes of preparation, production, processing, storage … Maybe you did not know but Food additives are chemical substances (of natural or artificial origin) that when they are intentionally added to food, it is because they want to achieve some technological objective. Citric acid (E330) is a natural chemical that is present in lemon, for example, but if it is added in other foods intentionally it helps to preserve it better.

Thanks to the knowledge that we can adopt through the study of chemistry , we can have certain criteria when facing certain incorrect statements that flood us and, of course, to have a better understanding of the world around us. Reason 2: Chemistry favors the understanding of the world

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