The renewable energies are the present and the future of the energy sector. The demand for professionals is increasing and that is why we have to be prepared. Opting for training in renewable energy is a way to enter a job market with great opportunities and a very positive future outlook.


They do not pollute, they are on everyone’s lips and they are the future, but what are renewable energies? What are they used for? What are the leading Spanish companies in this field? …

We have many questions in this regard, today in Maestralia, we are going to reveal them in this post.

What are renewable energies?: Renewable energies, a sector of opportunities


They are the energies obtained from natural, inexhaustible and indefinite sources . This energy is converted into electricity through an electric generator so it helps to replace the energy produced through fossil fuels.

Among the many advantages of the use and production of renewable energies, we can mention the low negative impact on the environment , which is why they are a great ally against climate change and one of the ways in which we can save planet earth.

The main difference with non-renewable energies (coal, gas, oil or nuclear energy) is that they do not produce polluting emissions or greenhouse gases , which are responsible for climate change.

In addition, the production of renewable energy reduces dependence on external countries since we can do it in an indigenous way. This encourages technological development and great job creation .

What are the types of renewable energy?: Renewable energies, a sector of opportunities


Among the different types of energy, the main renewable energies are:

  • Wind energy : It is obtained from the air masses in the atmosphere through the enormous “windmills” that we can see throughout the Spanish geography.
  • Solar energy : It is obtained from the sun. The main technologies are photovoltaic solar  (it takes advantage of sunlight) and  thermal solar (it takes advantage of the sun’s heat).
  • Hydraulic or hydroelectric energy: the energy obtained from freshwater rivers and streams or from reservoirs and swamps using kinetic energy.
  • Biomass and biogas : It is extracted from organic matter.
  • Geothermal energy : It is obtained from the large volume of heat energy contained in the interior of the Earth.

How can I work in the renewable energy sector?: Renewable energies, a sector of opportunities


As we have mentioned, the renewable energy sector is booming and is capable of creating a great demand for labor. Therefore, quality training is the best way to focus your professional career on the most environmentally responsible energy sector.

The best way to start training is to take a renewable energy course with which you can acquire all the knowledge and master the main electricity generation alternatives that contribute to sustainable development.

You can find excellent courses to become a professional technician in renewable energy or specialized in wind, solar, photovoltaic installations, etc. Becoming an expert in renewable energy and energy installations begins with training.

Renewable Energies (Basic)


Renewable Energies (Basic)

We must bear in mind that you will go as far in the world of renewable energy as your training will go . Therefore, our recommendation is that if you already have a university degree or if you already work in the sector, opt for a master’s degree in renewable energy . With a master’s degree you can train in the design, construction and maintenance of renewable facilities, or specialize in renewable energies for building and in the management and implementation of renewable energies.

Renewable energy


Renewable energy

Thanks to advanced, up-to-date and professional training you will be able to improve your job opportunities and get to occupy positions with greater responsibility and rank.

What are the pioneering Spanish companies in renewable energy?


  • Iberdrola:  which carries out projects both in Spain and abroad.
  • Acciona: a leading company with large projects since the 1990s.
  • Abengoa: a  large company with a multitude of renewable energy projects.
  • Siemens-Gamesa: stands out for its extensive experience in wind energy projects.

Work on renewable energy

In conclusion, the growing demand for employment together with the “eco-friendly” alternative that renewable energies represent make it a sector with high potential and for which we have to prepare with good training . This will prepare us to be able to access the different positions and roles that the industry demands and, likewise, take specialization courses, complete your curriculum and knowledge to apply for positions of greater responsibility and obtain more interesting salary conditions .

If you are thinking of reorienting your professional career or taking the first steps to choose your profession, the renewable energy sector will allow you to develop in a world with great projection and guaranteed job opportunities . Renewable energies, a sector of opportunities