Do you like contact with nature? When you visit a botanical garden, do you see beyond the beauty of the flowers? If you would like to train in one of the traditional professions with the most future projection, we will tell you everything you need to do to become a professional gardener.

What is gardening?: How to become a professional gardener or landscaper?

Gardening goes beyond mowing lawns, watering plants, and growing flowers. It is considered as the art and practice of gardening. That is, grow from flowers, plants, trees, vegetables, and all kinds of vegetation in an open or closed space. Its purpose can be aesthetic, for production, food or for pleasure.

The history of gardening dates back to the beginning of civilizations, as man has always felt the need to adapt natural spaces for his own enjoyment. From the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Romans, through the Renaissance or Baroque periods and to the present day, gardening is a profession that has evolved, creating wonderful spaces and taking care of the health and growth of plants .

What does a gardener do?: How to become a professional gardener or landscaper?

There are various specialties in the world of gardening, and although a gardener can perform all kinds of tasks related to plants and vegetation in gardens , he can also specialize in the cultivation of flowers or trees and small shrubs in nurseries , in addition to the cultivation of legumes, vegetables, or fruit trees .

The functions of a gardener are based on mastering the techniques, tools and knowledge that allow them to care for plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns in parks, gardens, sports facilities or public or private green spaces.

What to study to be a professional gardener?: How to become a professional gardener or landscaper?

To become a professional gardener , the best way is quality training . There are gardening and landscaping courses that will allow you to acquire all the knowledge you need to develop this profession with full guarantee.

Gardening Technician, Design and Creation of Gardens

Campus Training

Gardening Technician, Design and Creation of Gardens

You will learn everything about the morphology and physiology of plants, types of soils and fertilizers, how to prepare the land, planting and sowing techniques. In addition, you will train in maintenance and design of gardens or landscaping .

If the part of gardening that you like the most is the game of colors, flowers and flower arrangements , a floristry course is a great option to learn the best floral design techniques or how to manage a florist.

Difference between Gardening and Landscaping

The gardener and landscaper professions have their similarities in their knowledge and functions, they know the types of plants and soils, irrigation systems or seasonality in nature, among others.

The main difference is that a landscaper makes a very clear planning of the layout, colors and functionality of the space, which are consistent with the purpose of the garden itself. A professional landscaper designs by creating harmony and balance between elements and plants, taking into account all factors: flowers, space, play of colors, accessories, environment, etc … The objective of a landscape architect is to design gardens with an aesthetic balance and operational, proposing design ideas and proposals for their development and maintenance.

The World’s Most Reputable Gardeners and Landscapers

The profession of gardener or landscaper has overcome barriers and borders where some of these professionals have earned a special fame thanks to their impressive work and their own personal style.

Fernando Furancho , for forty years has created timeless spaces in Europe, the United States, New Zealand or Japan. With a personal touch of philosophy in his works, we can see his footprint in the Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid or the Centro Botín de Santander.

The Irish Helen Dillon , is a renowned professional in gardening for her works with a therapeutic effect where she mixes the explosion of colors with horticulture.

The most impressive gardens

The most well-known gardens that we have seen in films, documentaries or in our tourist visits are the work of a professional in gardening and landscaping  who has been able to create a space that is both artistic, natural and magical.

The Garden of Versailles  is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and is a must-see on a trip to Paris.

The Shalimar Garden in Pakistan has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Professional gardener, a profession for the future

As we have seen, becoming a professional gardener is a job opportunity and a good way to guide your professional career if you like the world of plants, flowers and gardens.

With a gardening and landscaping course you will train to be able to work as a gardener in a specialized company or even work on your own offering your services and get a wide portfolio of clients.

Likewise, a florist , nursery or garden service company are business ideas for you to start your journey in the sector. How to become a professional gardener or landscaper?