Full name: Shoaib Malik

Nick name: Malik

Date of birth: 1st February, 1982

Current age: 36 years

Role: All rounds

Batting style: Right handed batsman

Bowling style: Right arm off break

Professional: Cricketer

Nationality: Pakistani

Eye colors: Black

Hair color: Black

Height in m: 1.78 m

Height in cm: 178 cm

Height in ft. and inches: 5 ft., 10 inches

Weight in kg: 70 kg

Father name: Malik Saleem Hussain

Mother name: Sultana Malik

Brother name: Adeel Malik

Marital status: Married

His wife name: Sania Marza

Name of child’s: Izhan

Major teams: Pakistan National cricket team Multan Sultans

Favorite foods: Mutton biryani, chicken and fast food

Favorite color: white and red

Favorite actors: Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan


The Shoaib Malik is a best player of Pakistan team. The Shoaib Malik is a Muslim and daily recites of the Holy Quran. The nationality is a Pakistani. The religion of Shoaib Malik is Islam. The full name is Shoaib Malik and his nick name is Shoaib. The date of birth is 1 February at 1982. The birth place is Sialkot Punjab of Pakistan. The age of Sohaib Malik is 36 years old. The current age is 36 years old and 345 days. He starts his early education from Sialkot and completes his early education from the school of Sialkot. Then he completes his secondary education from the school of Sialkot. He obtains good marks in the examination of matric. His parents were so happy on good performance of his son. Then he goes to abroad to the next study, after complete his study he come back and enter the Pakistan cricket team. The Shoaib Malik has married with Sania Mirza. The Sania Mirza is a wife of Shoaib Malik. The Sania Mirza is a tennis player of Pakistan team. The Sania Mirza mother name is Ayesha Saddiqui and Ayesha Sadiqui is a spouse of Shoaib Malik. The Shoaib Malik mother name is Sultana Malik and his father name is Malik Saleem Hussain. The brother name is Adeel Malik. The Adeel Malik is a younger brother of Shoaib Malik. The Shoaib Malik has two sisters the sisters name is Sadaf Imran and Shazia Imran. The Sania Mirza and Shoiab Malik has god blessed with one son in 2018. The son name is Izhaan Mirza Malik. They have no daughter. The Sania Mirza is a girlfriend of Shoiab Malik before the marriage now the Sania Mirza is a life partner of Shoaib Malik.

Overview on his career life

Shoaib Malik is an international cricketer of the Pakistan team. He playing with many other teams and his behavior is so polite to the other member of the team members. He helps to any member and any people live to any place. He was playing with New Zealand, South Africa, Afghanistan and West indies. He was first playing with Bangladesh on 29 august in 2001 as a test debut. His performance in this test match series is so good than the other test match series. He also contract with England on 1st November 2015 as a last test match series. He also contract with ODI debut on 28 august 2006 with England. He contract with New Zealand as a last T20I on 4 November 2018. His team is Sailkot stallions, Gloucestershire, Sialkot, Pakistan reserves, PIA, Gujranwala, Multan station, Guyana amazon warriors, Comilla Victorians, Chittagong Viking and Karachi king. He contract with Sailkot stallions team in 2004 to 2005 than 2006 to 2007, then contract with Pakistan serves in 1999 to 2000, then he contract with PIA team in 1998 to 1999, he contract with Gujranwala in 1997 to 1998 then 1998 to 1999 and contract with Multan sultans in 2018 to 2019. His performance in any match is so good and perfect.


The Shoaib Malik is playing a role in a match as all rounds. Therefore the Shoaib Malik is best player for Pakistan team. The mostly people is follow the personality of Shoaib Malik.


The style during the match is differs than other players. The batting style is right hand and bowling style is right arm handed. The average of running speed is very high. The ball catching style is amazing.


The face color of Shoaib Malik is fair. The eye color is dark brown. The eye color is naturally color of his eyes. The hair color is black. The black color of his eyes is naturally color. He was not using any products for body beauty. The lip is occurring in the form of pinkish. He was used lip gloss for lips protections. Because the lip become in dry form then they used lip gloss for maintain of lips beauty.


The body size is better than other players of different countries. The height of Shoaib Malik is 6 feet and 0 inches and in meters is 1.82 meters and 182 centimeters. The chest size is 40 and waist size is 32 inches. The size of biceps is 13 inches. The shoe size of Shoaib Malik is 10 inches. The body size is maintained due to exercise and eating diet foods.


The body weight of Shoaib Malik is 70 kilogram and in the form of ponds is 154 IBS in pounds. The body weight is not occurring in constant form because the body weight is change due to the passage of life time. The weight is may be easily gain and loss. The weight gain and loss is not a big issue for cricketers because the cricketers join gym for body fitness. Therefore the body weight increase is not a cause difficulty for Shoiba Malik. The Shoaib Malik body weight is fit from any angels.


The favourite cricketers of Shoiab Malik are Sachin Tendulkar, Vis Richards, virender sehwag, AB de Villiers and Kumar sangakkara. These all are batsman. They act best performance during the match and behavior is well with Shoiab Malik and other members of team. Therefore these are favourite cricketers of Shoiab Malik. The Shoaib Malik is also like Wasim Akram. The Wasim Akram is a best bowler of Pakistan team.


The Shoiab Malik is a Pakistani player. The favourite Athlete of Shoaib Malik is Saeed Anwar and Cristiano Ronaldo. These both are guide the Shoiab Malik for match.



The favourite foods of Shoaib Malik is following as

  • Chicken biryani.


The favourite drinks are mango and strawberry milk Shake. These drinks are most helpful for body organs. The Shoaib Malik is only take soft drinks he was not take hard drinks. The hard drinks are not better for cricketers. the hard drinks cause many internal diseases. Therefore due to diseases the body become weak and cannot do proper works. For proper work the healthy body is necessary.


The favourite pet animal name of Shoaib Malik is dog. The sometime spend with dog for our mood. When the Shoaib Malik mood is off due to some reason. Then the Shoiab Malik plays with dog for our mind relaxation.


The hobbies of Shoiab Malik is following as

  • Watching football match.
  • Reading of books.
  • Playing cricket.
  • Listening music.


The favourite actors of Shoaib Malik are Amitabh Bacchant, Salman Khan, and Sanjay Dutt. The Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt is an Indian and Salman khan is belonging to Islam. The personalities is more famous in Hindi film Industries. They paly best role in each film therefore the Shoaib Malik is like these actors. They also like Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan.


The favourite actress name of Shoaib Malik is sushmita Sen, Humaima Malik and Jug gun Kazim. The humaima Malik is a Pakistani actress and sushmita Sen and jug gun kasim is Indian actress. The Shoaib Malik is also like Angelina Jolie.


The favourite music is coke studio. The Shoaib Malik listen coke studio music when the Shoaib Malik is free from works. During work he was not waste our time on music type activities.


The favourite color of Shoiab Malik is red, white and black. The Shoaib Malik is wear this color dresses on our family events and meeting, conference and interviews. The Shoiab Malik wears black color dress on our marriage. The Shoaib Malik looking so handsome in which color dresses.


The favourite subject of Shoiab Malik is history. The history book is very interesting and informational book. Therefore the Shoaib Malik is like history book. The book history in which all details of politics and history of ancient places.


In Shoaib Malik no bad habits are occurs. The Shoaib Malik is does not take drink alcohol. And does not smoking. These type illegal activates is not better for cricketers body health. They cause many dieses in internal organs of body, the alcohol and smoking cause major disease in internal organs of body like cancer, kidney failure, lungs problems and breathing system damage. Therefore the Shaoib Malik not takes these type things.


The social media profile of Shoaib Malik is following as

  • Instar gram.
  • Twitter handle.


The salary of Shoaib Malik is 13 lacs. The Shoaib Malik is not waste our salary in illegal activities. The Shaoib Malik is using our salary for legal works.




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