Real name: Usman khan Shinwari

Nick name: Usman

Father name: Asmad ul Khan.

Date of birth: 5 January, 1994

Birth place: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Landi Kotal, Khyber agency

Current age: 24 years 36 days

Nationality: Pakistan

Religion: Islam

Profession: Pakistani cricketer as a bowler

Role: bowler

Major team: Karachi king, Sylhet Sixer and Melbourne renegades

Batting style: right handed batsman

Bowling style: left arm fast medium

Height in m: 1.75 m

Height in cm: 175 cm

Height in ft. and inches: 5 ft. 9 inches

His body weight in kg: 75 kg

His body weight in pounds: 165 lbs.

His eyes color: brown

His hairs colors: black

Favourite foods: chicken and fast foods

Favourite place: Murree, London and other places

Favourite drinks: soft drinks


Usman khan Shinwari was born on 5 January 1994. He lives in a small town in his childhood then he shift with his family. He starts his early education in the school of Khyber. Then he completes his secondary education in the school of Khyber. Then he completes his next education. He is left arm bowler and his bowling style is so perfect than the other team members. His coach’s name is Qazi Shafiq Lala and Wajahatullah Wasti. Both are nice person Qazi guide him to basic about the cricket but he always advise him to try playing well but in any situation he not disappointed. Always struggle to gain his goal and show good performance. Other his coach Wajahatullah advises him to focus on his goal when he is playing of match. He lives in Landi Kotal with his family. In free time he was playing cricket on the street in front of his home. His parents always guide him to injury and fell down but you cannot understand. On Sunday he was going with his friends and full day playing with cricket. He always wishes to become a cricketer of the Pakistan team.


Usman is an international bowler of the Pakistan team. He is playing 7 matches and takes 8 wickets then economic rate is 6.14. His best bowling is 3 to 16 and strike rate is 21. He is playing with many teams such as Karachi king, Sylhet Sixers and Melbourne renegades. He was playing with Karachi kind on 2017 to 2019 then he was playing with Sylhet Sixers. He also contract with Melbourne renegades on 2018. His performance is so good and he wins the match. On this match his families also come and appreciate him to playing well and win the match. Finally he wins the match and gains his goals. On this match his family was so happy on his best performance his father was also happy on his son performance. His international career is so amazing then the other team members. He was playing with Sri Lanka as an ODI debut on 20 October 2017. He was playing with South Africa as a last ODI on 30 January 2019. His performance is so good in this test match series. His shirt number is 36 in ODI, this number is lucky for his career life. He also is playing with Sri Lanka on 11 December as a T20I debut. He also is playing with South Africa as a last T20I on 1st February 2019. On this test match series his shirt number is also 36. He always show good behavior to the other team member which are playing with him and help to the poor persons.


  • He win the man of the match
  • He also win the Faysal bank
  • He get T20 Cup, on this awards he was so excited because it is first success in his life his family was so happy on his good performance
  • He also win player of match.


The favourite couches of Usman khan Shinwari are Qazi Shafiq Lala, Wajahatullah Wasti. The both coaches are Usman khan Shinwari is only like due to his work and his behavior. These both coach is well guide during the match.


The favourite bowl of Usman khan Shinwari is Reverse swing. They are well plat with reverse swing ball. Therefore Usman khan Shinwari likes this bowl.


The face color of Usman khan Shinwari is fair like other players of Pakistan team. The Usman khan Shinwari eyes color is brown. The brown his natural color of his eyes. he was not is any other color lenses. The hair color is black. The black color of his hair is naturally color he was not used any hair color products for hairs beauty. His eyes and hairs is already naturally beautiful. They have no need any other hair color for appearance of more beautiful.


The body height of Usman khan shinwari is 5 feet 9 inches. The height in millimeter is 1.75 millimeters, and in the form of c centimeter his height is 175 centimeters. The arm size is moderate, and the legs size is also moderate like other cricketers of Pakistan team. The chest size is 40 inches. The biceps size is Usman khan shinwari is 14 inches. The waist size is 32 centimeters. The nick size is moderate like other player of Pakistan teams.


The body weight of Usman khan shinwari is not constant because the weight is alternative change during the passage of time. The weight is not found in any constant form. The weight of Usamn khan shinwari is 75 kilogram. And in the form of Ibs is 165 Ibs. The body weight is or cricketer not a big issue for cricketers because the weight easily gain and lose due to exercise and some diet foods. The weight balance is necessary for racketeers because when his body weight is increase according due his original body weight then he was not running properly during the match. Therefore the body weight maintains is essential for cricketers.


The favourite food of Usman khan Shinwari is following as

  • Fried Lobia.

And some green fresh vegetables like as


The favourite drinks of Usman khan Shinwari is following as

  • Mango juice.
  • Orange juice.
  • And strawberry milkshake.

The Usman khan shinwari is only take soft drinks he was not take hard drinks because the hard drinks are more harmful for body health. The hard drinks are effect on internal body organs. Therefore the body cannot performance proper works. The body become week and inactive. Therefore the Usman khan shinwari take soft drinks for our body health.


The favourite place is Islamabad and Murree. The out of Pakistan his favourite places is Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


The favourite car of Usman khan shinwari is Toyota corolla 2018. The Usman khan shinwari is not need of driver for car driving. The Usman khan shinwari is goes to these cars with our family. He was going to different places for enjoyment.


The favourite bike is Honda CG125-1976. And Honda CG125-2017. These are both bike is favourite bikes of Usamn khan shinwari.


  • Doing work out.
  • Reading daily newspaper.
  • Watching football match.
  • Playing cricket.
  • Watching TV shows.


The favourite color of Usman khan shinwari is red and white. The mostly wear this color dress in family events and interviews of front of media. The red and white color is suit on Usman khan shinwari. In red and white color dresses he was looking most handsome.


The favourite day is Sunday. The Sunday is favourite day of all peoples. The Usman khan spend full day with her family. Because the Sunday is a holiday. Therefore the Usman khan shinwari is like this daffy.


The favourite flowers of Usman khan Shinwari is rose and lily. The smell of rose and lily is more beautiful than other flowers. The flowers are given to mind. The Usman khan shinwari is use red rose water on our face for face beauty. The face beauty is maintained with rose water.



  • Usman khan was not smoking
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • His father Asmad ul Khan was also a cricketer and he was playing in the domestic match.
  • In his childhood he was playing just for fun and time passing. But finally he decided to pursue a career of his father. Finally he becomes a cricketer of Pakistani team.
  • As a first time he join a Islamic Cricket Academy on his father advice.
  • He improved his bowling skill under his coach (Qazi Shareef Lala and Wajahatullah Wasti).
  • In first time he was selected for the federally administered tribal areas cricket team.
  • He also playing many match for the khan research laboratories then he move to the Zaria Taraqiati bank limited cricket team
  • He was playing first test match series on international level as a T20 debut against Sri Lanka.


The salary is 6 lac. The Usman khan shinwari is not used salary for other illegal works. The illegal activities are not allowed for Pakistani Muslims. The illegal activities are alcohols and drinks clubs, these all are not for a true Muslims. Therefore the Usman khan shinwari is used our salary on the way of Allah and give some amounts as poor peoples.


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