Son-in-law does cheap cultivation

    Son-in-law does cheap cultivation

    The Son-in-Law has the 19th and also has the 70k monthly views. The author of the Son-in-Law has the Boyi animation and he is also the artist.

    The Genre is Adventure, Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, and Romance. It was released in 2020.

    Warning: the under 17 that might be suitable for this manga contains materials, by proceedings, that you are 17 or older you are confirming.

    Long ago, “forced cultivation” Chein Han underwent because of the domineering empress. Rom the tiger’s den to escape of his soul he cut off part. In a new body after that, he is reborn. In this life, master the spiritual practices and he will stud the military.

     Summary of the Son-in-Law does cheap cultivation

    Yang Qingchen for over a hundred years you locked me here, why you are going this?

    This Garbage has Hlindong soul what a pity that. HA…?

    Of the cultivation realms-Yang Qingchen’s first goddess, empress OF Shengong.

    For a hundred years I have been her Slave. From the start, if you are a gem me your soul right, on something would I waste my time as worthless as you?


    I am JIAN HAN

    On me the women sitting that the culprit was divided my soul and in the world and up.

    May e you also be star Tobey me

    That’s not ENOUGH Seems: Let’s try Again. Again?

    Again if she does it. Then I won’t survive, at any cost, I need to be escaped

    For the new level of cultivation, I would reach out with your help of yours. XAX, XAX, XAX.

    Bulshit, you will never let me go!

    My soul today that you will swallow do you think that I don’t know! Already just kill me.

    How About that?

    At the FLAWLESS Yang Qingchen looing you, I thought. She said that in my life if you are removed the shackles from me, then I will be happy to give you my life my soul. So for this to a new level of cultivation that you can break through.

    Then he said to it shut up.

    Son-in-law does cheap cultivation
    Son-in-law does cheap cultivation

    She reacted like she lay down the Yang Qingchen and said how Dare you talk to me like this to empress like that?

    Yang Qingchen, But you want to take my soul?

    He said for the hundreds of years I have already resisted and to do it when I decided, all time you refused?

    Then she thinks that his soul if I will be forcibly taken, then it will not obey me as much, maybe have the chance to obey it as small. However, if the voluntarily gives sway, then without any problems I can cultivate it. And she said to Yang Qingchen that of the seven secrets so the souls to get the three more lives I will be able to discover three.

    Haun DUN1 I need Ancient! She said alright, let’s do it. dfaho For you, I will be promised to remove the Shackles, but to touch me of the run if you try. Away, I will kill you. Then the chain of the Yang Qingchen will break.

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