My in-laws are obsessed with me 9

    My in-laws are obsessed with me 9

    SFX; Bang

    What’s going on?

    While the Ornaments throw the master in which seriously injured.

    Profusely his hands were bleeding.

    I couldn’t treat he told me to go out.

    Said that is east seriously?

    The Grand Duke contact.

    And to the imperial Palace yet he hasn’t got to.

    Are you two sides?


    Of the Maids please check the conditions.

    In there, I‘ll go in

    You can’t

    As I said the Dangerous, the master

    Your closest AIDE you are your, so my story I thing k you have heard.

    No, only me there is.

    An injured child only I can’t leave.


    Don’t Come in SFX; BANG

    Why are you here?

    You… How Stupid do you?

    It wills you to pay no attention to me

    She thinks could this be that kid’s blood? And worried about it. Because it’s NOT I look down on you. A and treatment I will give you and leave, are you okay with this?

    The boy kicked out the girl beside him and said doesn’t need anyone and does not require any treatment. The girls were scared of its reaction.

    When the kid sees the girl’s blood and has horrified and said Blood, blood. And this that it’s will happen because of me. A said to the girl; please don’t tell me this again, I might be kicked out to you.

    She just thinks “What is that”. He calms down to him. I won’t talk really. You must wear gloves. I’m Glad it wasn’t as but, as it looked the girl said, she think that the wound maybe heal but the condition of the children was strange. That’s how it was before. As if the world ENDS if the Grand Duke hated HIM.

    “The Tow of use have the proper conversation, wouldn’t we be able to do that?

    Let’s convince the Grand Duke if you don’t want to go back to the Villa.

    She said I will help you too

    Why, do you feel pity that I can’t do anything?

    The Kid said if you are doing this to look good to Grand Duke, then please stop. Because he thinks I’m useless.

    She said nonsense, did he say that?

    The kid said to it, I don’t know why everyone down there knows it.


    She holds the cheeks of the kid in her hands. The kid reacts, “What, What? No.

    She said to it, Thank you, I was about to put that annoying article yesterday out to my sight. And it is because of you or what? The kid said that’s what you were after.

    Until yesterday I used to think like, but to fix it I just felt the need because of you. The about said is that was the reason you hurt yourself, so in the future don’t of that.

    My in-laws are obsessed with me 9
    My in-laws are obsessed with me 9

    By hurting yourself you are not getting anything. The girl’s aid I’ll tell him about the special when he returns. Understand? And then again bleeding starts.

    The kid sees its blood and said are you bleeding again. She said somehow it hurts me but, I’m okay with this. It’s TORN like this, what’s Okay? The kid said. He’s worried about her. He said to it, are you okay? She said yes, I’m okay and I won’t die even if I will be drinking the blood.

    Ah? You hurt your hand also

    He said what do you mean it is okay? I don’t know yet


    What is it? Blood? This Pain… UH, WHY?

    Into my mouth no blood ever got

    No Way, By Wound?

    He said why are you like this? dfaho

    It hurts! It was not like this when I was with the Grand Duke. She said I’m Okay. You can’t fall down like this how will be very surprised.


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