Start your physical preparation with a sports coach?

Start your physical preparation with a sports coach?

To prepare for a marathon or military events, hire a sports coach to progress quickly and safely
Do you want to pass the military or police physical tests?

Or, do you want to participate in a Madrid or Barcelona marathon?: Start your physical preparation with a sports coach?

Yes, we are not going to lie to you, you are going to need to move and do sports intensively. The parties are over, the sofa afternoons, the weekends watching series under the blanket. The time has come to put on your trainers and, let’s go!
So no low heads, to achieve this there is nothing more effective than hiring a personal trainer to prepare yourself physically. He will be there to help and motivate you to do all the cardio and muscle exercises you need to do to achieve your goals.

You have to know that there are two types of physical preparations:

General physical preparation (PPG) : it is the basis of training. It consists of two key elements: resistance and progressively increasing the duration of the sessions.
In this preparation you will be able to perform muscle activation, but you will also work on strength, since you need it to be able to lift the heaviest loads.
Also, with this physical preparation you will perform basic movements, which are also necessary to achieve your goals.
There is another type of training: specific physical preparation (PPS). In this type of preparation your coach will force you until your last breath.
Your trainer will suggest more specific exercises, for example if your goal is a marathon, it will improve your cardio. If you want to pass some military tests, it will help you increase your strength.
For each goal, a workout. But for all goals, only one method: hire a personal trainer.

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