Taipei famous places to visit

Taipei famous places to visit

Taipei famous places to visit

Here are some Taipei famous places to visit: Taipei famous places to visit

The National Palace Museum of Taipei
The National Palace Museum is an art museum. Through its pieces you can go through more than eight thousand years of history.
The museum houses some 700 thousand pieces in its permanent collection. These are mostly ancient Chinese handicrafts. The types of pieces that you will find in this museum are:
Vessels (enamel vessels and lacquer vessels)
Calligraphy works
And more!

The Stone in the Form of Flesh: Taipei famous places to visit

Two of the most valuable pieces in the museum. Photo of EFEtur Viajes.
If you don’t stop carefully, you will have the impression that a piece of cooked pork is exposed. It is a piece of jasper.

Chinese Jade Cabbage: Taipei famous places to visit

The Chinese jade cabbage is one of the most outstanding pieces in the museum. It is “simply” the shape of a Chinese cabbage carved from a piece of jade.

The Bell of Zhou

A bronze bell from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty period dating from the 8th century BC. C. On the bell you find some mysterious inscriptions.

Ali Mountain

This group of mountains, known as Ali Mountain or Alishan Range , is located in the southern center of Taiwan.
Datashan Peak is 2,663 meters high. It is not just about climbing to the top to enjoy the incredible scenery, but also enjoying the road.
During the tour you will come across imposing waterfalls and tea plantations .
They say that the best thing is to see the sunrise, since a sea of ​​clouds forms over the mountain and golden and orange tones can be seen in the sky that will bring out our emotions to the surface. A beautiful and emotional way to start the day. In addition to some photos for the Instagram that you die!

Maokong Village

If you are going to visit Taipei City for more than a week, set aside a day for Maokong Town. In addition to serving you to rest from the hectic pace of the capital, you will enjoy a beautiful typical Taiwanese town.
In just 30 minutes by car we are in Maokong from Taipei. From the town you will also have beautiful views of Taipei.
The main tourist attraction in this town is the Maokong Gondola chairlift from where you can appreciate the tea plantations . And it is that one of the greatest attractions of these city are the many tea houses that it has.
Therefore, if you are going to spend the day in Maokong it is more than mandatory to have tea.

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