Taipei Taiwan places to visit

Taipei Taiwan places to visit

Taipei Taiwan places to visit

In this article I will discuss with details about the Taipei Taiwan places to visit so here are some places to visit:

Shei-Pa National Park: Taipei Taiwan places to visit

Another national park? Yes! And they are very worth it. That you have already seen a few does not stop you from continuing to see more. They are all different and have their charm. There are more touristy and less touristy, bigger and smaller, with wilder areas and more well-kept areas … what is certain is that none will leave you indifferent.
The Shei-Pa National Park surprises with the amount of high mountains it has. More than 50 peaks exceed three thousand meters in height , which gives it a great diversity of landscapes and animals . You may have the opportunity to see some rare species, although be careful, many are protected and approaching them or destroying their habitat can bring you legal problems.
If you are looking for nature, fresh air and green, Taiwan is your place.

Lanyu Island: Taipei Taiwan places to visit

Don’t hesitate for a second to pack a pair of swimsuits for your trip to Taiwan.
This island is the return to a nostalgic past. Lanyu Island is also known as Orchid Island and is the place where the Yami live , a community that conserves their traditional way of life.
The island’s landscape is rocky, green and crystal clear. You’ll love seeing the gaily decorated canoes and curious semi-underground houses, specially designed to withstand typhoons.

The Green Island

Its name undoubtedly reveals its appearance: an expanse of land all covered in green; bathed by sky blue water that hides at its bottom some breathtaking coral reefs . It is a small island, about 30 km long, of volcanic origin.
On Green Island, or Lu Dao in Chinese, it is mandatory to dive into the surrounding waters to admire the seabed: tropical fish, coral reefs, etc.

Jhaorih hot springs

Also, do not miss the hot springs of Jhaorih on the surface of this island. They are hot springs of salt water, one of the few in the world!
Both hot springs and salt water are known multiple properties and in this paradise you can find both.
Imagine a day on Isla Verde : enjoy nature and the landscape in the morning, take a dip in the afternoon and admire the coral reef, and finish at night with a bath in the hot springs. Where to sign? We are leaving now!

Zhiben hot springs

If you love hot springs and have been wanting more after your visit to the Jhaorih hot springs, reserve an afternoon to visit the Zhiben hot springs.
The Zhiben area is specially dedicated to hot springs and you will find several resorts, always keeping an old aesthetic and in connection with nature.
The water in the hot springs can reach 100 degrees. It is not suitable for all skin types! What makes these hot springs special is that they contain natural carbonic acid , which helps regulate the body’s pH.

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