Taiwanese night markets

Taiwanese night markets

Taiwanese night markets

Night markets: a cheap outdoor restaurant!: Taiwanese night markets


You cannot say that you have visited Taiwan and its capital if you have not eaten in the night markets (the famous nightmarkets ), a typical attraction of Taiwan.
Every day, in every neighborhood, a shopping street comes alive and fills with people at dusk: the night market is a space for life, exchange, restoration and also a key tourist place.
Chinese and Western tourists mingle amid the Taiwanese population. You will be able to eat cheaply and put your knowledge of Mandarin Chinese into practice by ordering food! The most famous are: Raohe, Shilin, Liaoning.

Tainan city: Taiwanese night markets

Tainan means “city of the south” in the traditional Chinese language. Located in southern Taiwan, Tainan was founded by the Dutch in 1602 for trade with the Netherlands, while they controlled Taiwan.
It was the capital of Taiwan under the Qing dynasty until 1887 and even gave the island its name.
It is a religious (Buddhist tradition), culinary, historical and cultural capital for the country. Tainan is home to most of Taiwan’s Taoist and Buddhist temples, some of which date back to the 17th century. It is a true open-air museum, essential to visit.
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Jiufen city

Former mining town that developed by mining for gold between 1890 and the 1970s, Jiufen City is a picturesque resort town built on the side of a mountain. Very pretty, it is also very popular.
Jiufen, a town next to the mountains. Next to it is the teapot-shaped mountain, hence its name:

Teapot Mountain.

It can be reached by train from Taipei (to Riufang) and then by bus, preferably in the early morning to avoid the crowds of tourists.
You must visit the old town, whose streets wind and intertwine like in a labyrinth. In Jishan Street and Shuqi Street, there are a lot of souvenir shops, small restaurants, tea stalls …
Then you can climb Teapot Mountain, a very nice hike in Taiwan. Easy to hike, the trail offers beautiful views of the ocean from the top.
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Taroko’s throat

Take the train to Hualien to head south and discover the eastern coast of Taiwan; It will be a unique experience through the mountains and the dense and humid tropical vegetation, to discover another essential place of Taiwan: the Taroko Gorge. It is a natural spectacle that it would be a shame to miss.
Located in the Taroko National Park, the gorge offers spectacular scenery and hikes for all levels are available. You can do the Shakadang Trail or the Swallow Grotto in less than an hour, so they are ideal for the less experienced (or less athletic).
Near the National Park, you can also discover the majestic and rugged cliffs of Qingshui, which plunge into the turquoise ocean.
In the park, you will  see the ruts carved by the river on the shakadang trail,  for example, which runs along gorges dotted with crystal clear turquoise waters.
Along the Yanzikou trail, you can take the famous suspension bridge over the river, then enjoy another emblem of Taroko National Park: the Eternal Spring Shrine, a colorful temple embedded in the hills, from which the river flows in cascades.

The Sun Moon Lake

Southeast of Taichung, in Nantou County, is an essential attraction to visit during a trip to Taiwan: Sun Moon Lake, a lake shaped like the sun and moon, hence its name in English, surrounded by mountains.
Sun Moon Lake is one of the most popular spots in Taiwan, perfect for a romantic getaway!
Seen from Google Maps, you cannot see any shape of the moon or the sun, but what does it matter, it is one of the most popular Taiwanese excursions on the island of Formosa. It is undoubtedly one of the most visited tourist places, but you may enjoy the place more calmly when it is not high season.
You can cycle around the lake, hike through the surrounding mountains, but it is also a good place to discover Austronesian culture and the history of the aboriginal people of Taiwan.

Kenting National Park: Taiwanese night markets

Located in the extreme south of Taiwan, Kenting National Park is a must , especially if it rains in the north and you are looking for sun. Do you want to see long and beautiful sandy beaches lined with turquoise waters and large spaces to walk?
The Kenting National Park is not just a stop for tourists who stroll, eat and drink all day in the old town of Hengchun. It is also the Eluanbi lighthouse, the opportunity to gain height in the forest park, to try to see the island’s macaques and walk through a small canyon lined with caves where dense vegetation grows.
As for the beaches, you won’t be disappointed: there are even deserted beaches! Don’t miss Baisha Beach, it is not a desert beach, but it is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Taiwan.
Another reason to visit Kenting National Park is that, in southern Taiwan, the typhoon risk is lower than in the north during the summer monsoon.

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