The 10 most famous economics books

The 10 most famous economics books

There are many  books on economics,  and as a result, there are a wide variety of books that specialize in  different niches.  Therefore, you are sure to find the right book for you, if you want:

  • Read a work on  behavioral economics.
  • Learn more about  the history of the economy.
  • Understand the key principles of  macroeconomics .

For example, an excellent piece of work that would complement any study on behavioral economics is  Think Fast, Think Slow  by Daniel Kahneman. A psychologist by profession, Kahneman describes decades of his work, arguing that humans, far from being  homo economicus, can actually act in quite irrational ways  .

Similarly, if you want to delve into the past and read a classic work on economics, you can read  The Wealth of Nations  by Adam Smith, which deals with topics such as the free market, along with the  division of labor.

Reading multiple papers, from several different economic niches, will not only increase your appreciation for schools of economic thought, but you will also immediately become familiar with  the key theories and beliefs of economists.

For example, whether or not you agree with his writings, you can understand much about what  Karl Marx  had to say about capitalism and their views on socialism in his works  The Communist Manifesto  and the  capital.  Often times, it is much easier to understand a thinker’s perspective and ideas once you read their own words on the subject, rather than reading an inexpensive paper summary.

most important economics books
Daniel Kahneman is considered one of the best economists of our time, although he is a psychologist! The 10 most famous economics books

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