Master in Graphic Design, Web and Digital Communication

Master in Graphic Design, Web and Digital Communication

description: Master in Graphic Design, Web and Digital Communication

The Master in Graphic Design, Web and Digital Communication   has been designed for those who want to professionally cover all facets of digital communication, from graphic and web design, to photographic retouching, through text editing and network management social and online communities.

objectives of this master: Master in Graphic Design, Web and Digital Communication

Become an expert in graphic design and web design with this higher education with a degree from San Jorge University . Get ready at your own pace to develop your professional career in the digital communication sector , knowing and implementing content marketing strategies , social media, SEO …

Also learn to design and develop websites and manage your own ecommerce with one of the most complete and at the same time more specific training on the current scene.

methodology: Master in Graphic Design, Web and Digital Communication

In  SEAS master’s degrees,  the student is the protagonist, but he is never alone, since he always learns with the facilitation and continuous support of tutors, coordinators and teachers who offer him personalized attention.

With this training you will not only have access to your  own virtual campus , but also to  completely innovative  and updated material, and to  practices  that will help you learn by acquiring specific skills in the industrial sector.

You can prepare at your own pace, depending on the time you have, using your  virtual classroom  or attending classes live, through  webinars .


professional outings

This master prepares you to develop your professional career working as:

  • Webmaster or WordPress developer
  • Web designer 
  • Graphic designer (in agencies, companies or with own studio)
  • Online Marketing Technician
  • ECommerce manager
  • SEO
  • Creative in advertising agency
  • Content creator or content specialist
  • Technician / a or creative / a in advertising and communication agencies
  • Technician in design, web design, image and / or communication departments

San Jorge University degree

Upon successful completion of the study of the contents and practice of this master’s degree, you will obtain your own University Master’s degree in  Graphic Design, Web and Digital Communication , issued by  Universidad San Jorge  (60 ECTS credits).

previous requirements

To access the  SEAS master’s degrees, it  is necessary to meet one of the following requirements:

  • Be in possession  of the Baccalaureate degree or equivalent  (also European and International Baccalaureate)
  • To be in possession of the title of  Superior Technician of Professional Training , or Superior Technician in  Plastic Arts and Design  or  Superior Sports Technician .
  • Be  over 25 years of age with at least one year of  accredited professional experience related to the content of the training.

If only one or more of the above requirements are met, at the end of their studies the student will receive a  Specialization Diploma  indicating the content and duration of the study in hours ( ECTS )

If, in addition, the student has  a university  degree, the Master’s degree will be issued  indicating the content, duration in hours of study and  ECTS credits awarded  (60 European ECTS credits in this case).

teaching materials

The SEAS masters and courses prepare you to master the essential operations of your area, providing you with all the necessary tools to do so. In addition, they give you access to your  own virtual classroom  and guarantee specific practices of your specialty.

In this master you will use the following software:

  • Photoshop , a raster graphics editor developed by Adobe
  • InDesign , layout and composition software for printed documents created by Adobe.
  • Illustrator , a vector drawing program developed by ADobe.
  • Notepad ++ , text editor with support for various programming languages
  • Dreamweaver , web design and programming software from Adobe

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